Mr Li: 'Internet +' infinite space in the future

by:AAA     2020-04-08
( Industry news] Li: 'Internet +' space the infinite future globledata P '' + 'Internet is greater than the known and unknown future space is infinite. 'Day, the Chinese premier, li keqiang said the investigation of fujian. Since this year, Mr Li had mentioned 'Internet +' on several occasions. Especially in this year's government work report, he suggested, 'Internet +' action plan, to promote the mobile Internet, cloud computing, big data, combined with modern manufacturing industries such as the Internet of things. In examining quanzhou goods while they are still e-commerce company, Mr Li praised them establish cloud orders, production capacity, small and medium-sized enterprise credit and the four network platform, the Internet financial reduce small micro enterprise operating costs. Li said, 'Internet +' is greater than the known and unknown future space is infinite. Every bit of exploring water ChengYuan, certainly will influence pattern of remaking traditional industry industry. How to accelerate the implementation of the 'made in China' to realize manufacturing industry to upgrade, and li keqiang issue of concern. Li said that China's economy will keep in high speed for a long time, must be toward the high end, must accelerate 'made in China'.
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