Ministry of post fixing new photovoltaic prevent further overcapacity

by:AAA     2020-04-03
( Industry news] Ministry of post fixing new photovoltaic heibaocjp P wire prevents further overcapacity China international cable show 】 We will strictly control new pure capacity expansion on the pv manufacturing project. To strengthen technological innovation, reduce the production cost is necessary, such as new and reconstruction project, to the competent departments for the record in the administrative department of industry and investment, and new and renovated photovoltaic manufacturing project, minimum capital ratio of %. 'This is the ministry released' standard of photovoltaic manufacturing conditions ( In this) 'Clearly put forward. The personage inside course of study thinks, this provision will have a great influence on new photovoltaic manufacturing project, in order to prevent the photovoltaic (pv) further overcapacity, help to promote domestic photovoltaic industry comprehensive strength of ascension. In addition, the release of the standard conditions for pv manufacturing resources comprehensive utilization and energy consumption index is more strict. Polysilicon, for example, requires existing polysilicon project reducing power consumption is less than the KWH/kg, integrated power consumption is less than the KWH/kg. And the index of the KWH/kg and KWH/kg, respectively. The person said, to do the new standard, in addition to domestic leading technology of large-scale polysilicon production enterprises, only at a low price area project will not loss. Index after adjustment is more strict, will further constraint photovoltaic manufacturing enterprises, to push forward technical progress in the sector in market behavior. And for the use of advanced technology of photovoltaic enterprises is relatively good. ( Source: China's wire and cable network CWC)
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