Ministry of environmental protection for heavy metal pollutant discharge of listed companies to carry out the environmental supervision

by:AAA     2020-04-26
( Industry news] Ministry of environmental protection for heavy metal pollutant discharge of listed companies to carry out environmental protection supervision pony P for the further implementation of the State Council on forwarding the environmental protection department and other departments on strengthening notice of heavy metal pollution prevention and control work guidance, ministry of environmental protection this year launched the emissions of heavy metal pollutants listed company environmental supervision work. After the environmental supervision mainly aimed at the deep Shanghai, two cities involved heavy non-ferrous metals ( Including the associated minerals) CaiXuanYe ( Copper, zinc, nickel and cobalt ore, tin, antimony and mercury CaiXuanYe, etc. ) And heavy non-ferrous metal smelting industry, Copper, lead and zinc, nickel, cobalt, tin, antimony and mercury smelting, etc. ) Separation, rare earth mining and smelting and lead battery manufacturing listed companies, a total of companies companies; Nearly % has apply to the environmental protection department and the relevant environmental protection departments at the provincial level to conduct listed environmental protection verification. After the environmental supervision is divided into four stages. The first stage for self-check stage ( Years to month) , the relevant listed companies control the market after the environmental protection inspection requirements and the environmental protection supervision content to carry out the self-check, find the environmental problems and rectification, introspects the situation prior to the month report to the local environmental protection departments at the provincial level. The second stage is the on-site inspection stage ( Years to the month) , the environmental protection supervision centers related environmental protection departments at the provincial level in the area under its jurisdiction on heavy metals listed company and affiliated enterprises to carry out the on-site inspection. The third stage for stage summary report, the environmental supervision centers in conjunction with the relevant environmental protection departments at the provincial level to collect environmental protection supervision situation, after and before the report of environmental protection. Fourth stage for results release phase, the environmental protection department according to the environmental protection supervision after the on-site inspection, after the opinions from all aspects to month summary published report. After the environmental supervision is given priority to with on-site inspection. To have on-site inspection and control situation of environmental protection enterprises can not repeat inspections; The environmental law has been found can be reflected in the inspection results after; For without public environmental protection verification of listed companies, will go on-site inspection. Environmental protection supervision after the main check ten aspects: one is the construction project for examination and approval of the eia and the 'three simultaneity' system of checking the implementation. Key check whether excessive approval, whether to carry out the eia approval and acceptance requirements of the safety protection distance. Especially for lead battery production and remelted lead enterprises ( Hereinafter referred to as the 'lead enterprises') To check whether the press 'on strengthening lead battery and the regenerated lead industry pollution prevention work notice ( Environment and development (; ) The requirements fulfilled for examination and approval of construction project eia. 2 it is to satisfy the conditions. Especially the characteristics of the pollutant discharging standard and supervision and monitoring. Three pollutant total amount control is completed. Including main pollutant total emission reduction task completion situation and the characteristics of pollutant total control; Involving heavy enterprises have lead new construction projects, but also to verify whether lead pollutant total amount indicators. Fourth, hazardous waste disposal in accordance with the situation. Whether hazardous waste transfer and disposal in accordance with the law, whether there is discarded, hazardous waste violations will sell hazardous waste recycling to no qualification unit, and so on and so forth. 5 it is cleaner production advance. Whether according to the two year round to carry out the cleaner production audit, the clean production plan implementation, assess the progress of the acceptance, environmental and economic benefits. Six is the environmental hazards and emergency disposal system construction. Those involving heavy enterprise tailings on surrounding water source of drinking water, nature reserves and other environmental sensitive environmental impact; Lead the enterprise whether the protective range such as environmental sensitive and environmental protection measures to carry out the situation. Seven is the environmental information disclosure. Mainly environmental information disclosure, and formulate and publish annual environmental report. Eight is daily environmental management. Does the environmental management system perfect, the pollution treatment facilities is normal and stable operation; With lead enterprises to check their environmental management files. Nine is corrective plan implementation. Belong to our ministry or provincial environmental protection departments to carry out environmental protection inspection company, also check their environmental improvement plan implementation. Ten is the other requirement of environmental protection laws and regulations. We check the serious environmental pollution, environmental concerns focused, the masses reflect strong enterprise, and a batch of long-term excessive blowdown, in violation of relevant provisions of the drinking water sources reserve system, violation of the provisions regarding the administration of dangerous chemicals or hazardous waste, tailings, Non-ferrous metal smelting industry) There is a big enterprise environmental risk. Ministry of environmental protection after finishing field condition summary, will be released to the public environmental protection after the inspection report.
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