Mineral insulated cables with excellent properties

by:AAA     2020-04-18
( Industry news] Mineral insulated cables with excellent properties SXXLJT P the first point. The structure and composition of mineral insulated cable: type mineral insulated cables with high conductivity copper conductor, inorganic oxide magnesium insulation, seamless copper set as the basic structure and composition of the management. The second point. Type mineral insulated cables appropriate working temperature: type mineral insulated cables can be continuous working temperature is ℃; Or very short time period can be close to the melting point of copper work under ℃ ( Magnesium is the melting point of ℃) ; In ℃ ℃ can power for about an hour or so. The third point. Product features: (type mineral insulated cables ) Refractory in mineral insulated cable material applied to copper and magnesium oxide are inorganic substances. So this type of cable is not burning, not combustion, under the condition of close to produce flame can still continue normal operation. Copper sheath will melt under ℃, and magnesium oxide insulating material is will be cured under ℃. ( ) Higher operating temperature type mineral insulated cables can be continuous operating temperature of ℃. But, if emergency happened, melting point temperature can be close to the copper sheath continues to operate within a short time. ( ) Life is longer in type mineral insulated cables in application to inorganic materials, can ensure that it has the characteristics of stability, long service life and fire resistance. ( ) Explosion-proof sex among mineral insulated cable was highly compacted insulating materials can be prevented in steam, gas and flame and cable connections between the equipment parts. ( ) The diameter of the outer diameter small type mineral insulated cables than other those rated current of the same cable is much smaller. ( ) Waterproof and if we will type mineral insulated cable completely submerged in water, with its seamless metal sheath, mineral insulated cables still can continue to operate. ( ) High mechanical strength type mineral insulated cable itself durable, can accept a very strong mechanical damage, does not damage its performance. ( ) Carrying capacity to larger for other cable products with the same cross section, the type of mineral insulated cables than other types of cable can transmit higher current. At the same time, the mineral insulated cable can tolerate considerable overload. ( ) Short circuit fault rating under the same temperature, type mineral insulated cables short circuit fault rating significantly much higher than other types of cable products. ( ) Grounding for the type of mineral insulated cables, independent grounding conductor is totally unnecessary, because the copper used in the cable sheath is already have the effect of the grounding conductor, its itself can provide excellent low grounding resistance. We're grounding protect skin loop ( ESR) Wiring, in MEN, More grounded neutral) Copper system, outer sheath can be used as an earthing and neutral conductor. ( ) High corrosion resistance of mineral insulated cable is copper sheath with high corrosion resistance, for most of the device, it don't need to take any additional protective measures. In the copper sheath of the cable is easy to suffer from chemical corrosion or industrial pollution situation, you should use the bag with a plastic outer sheath protection type mineral insulated cables. Above is the small make up for all summary of mineral insulated cables which have excellent characteristics, we should be in different cases for different kinds of cable products. Only in this way can will themselves role play to the extreme.
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