Mineral insulated cable superior fire resistance

by:AAA     2020-04-16
( Industry news] Mineral insulated cable superior fire resistance w P Qin Li power cable manufacturing co. , LTD. , a new type of high performance products mineral insulated fireproof cables, it is a kind of cable for fire and explosion prevention in the true sense, its superior performance than the traditional superior NH cable many: high temperature resistant and fire prevention performance superior to general electric wire electric cable due to all the organic polymer materials, insulation used in insulation flame easily under the condition of carbonization and lose. Due to the flexible mineral insulated main cable fire prevention materials are composed of mineral compounds, it itself does not cause fire, could not burn or fire. And these materials are generally has ℃ or more higher melting point, so fire cable even for flame conditions can play a normal transmission function, and is a real sense of fire retardant cable. And can be passed the test of the BSC, W and Z. Mineral insulated flexible fire cable really burning not short circuit, short circuit is not burning effect, can be in the normal power supply, emergency fire environment for field personnel to buy time to escape, to provide power support for relief and start the fire-fighting equipment, reduce the fire loss and casualties; Secondly copper sheath conductive performance is good, can make PE ground wire connection, greatly improving the sensitivity and reliability of the ground fault protection. Overload ability strong mineral insulated flexible fireproof cables carrying capacity is big, not only and has strong line overload capacity, according to the relevant electrical design requirements for cable surface temperature is not higher than ℃, usually around if no fuel, overload of fire retardant cable long-term working temperature can reach ℃ good bending characteristic traditional rigid fire cable ( BTTZ) More difficult to bend, sharp ocean mineral insulated flexible fire cable minimum bending radius is ~ times of cable diameter, reduced the installation layout of space, reduces the installation costs, more easy to installation. Irradiation, not aging resistant mineral insulated flexible fire retardant cable with inorganic mineral insulating materials as insulation, with conventional organic insulated cables ( YJV仍然VV) Than is not affected by irradiation, the material will not aging metamorphism, insulating properties and will not change; Cable outer sheath for copper rolling lines form, excellent sealing, moistureproof, anticorrosion, cable service life can reach more than year. High mechanical strength, prevent bump metal sleeve isolation type flexible cable cable fire mineral insulating layer has aluminum metal layer, the insulating, heat insulation, fire damper, the effect of retaining water, also can prevent the fire in the environment object impact damage cable insulation layer, the other cable can be vitrified fireproof layer when ℃ to form solid shell, effectively strengthen the function of the protection of cable. Characteristics of green environmental protection material inorganic mineral materials was used for the cable structure, cable in the burning flame, no release of smoke, don't release toxic gases; Abandoned after all cables can also be recycled, not natural environment pollution. Continuous production length is longer as a result of continuous mechanized production, whether single-core or multi-core cable, its length can fully meet the requirements of power supply length, continuous length can reach more than m, without intermediate points, greatly reduces the project for the safety hidden danger of join points. For users reduce the investment cost of metal sheathed mineral insulated flexible fire cable than a conventional rigid fire cable ( BTTZ) Direct purchasing cost less, and more cost-effective products. Can use doing PE line grounding copper sheath, core can substitute for the core, YJV) Cable, price difference greatly narrowed. Metal screw sheath has certain self supporting ability, can be directly laid, eliminating wear the installation accessories such as pipe, bridge, save installation cost greatly. http / / www。 cqqldx。 com
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