Mine cable in the future will develop into what kind

by:AAA     2020-04-19
( Industry news] Mine cable in the future will develop into what kind SXXLJT P mine cable in the past years of practice, has experienced by the flame retardant to innovation, especially in the flame retardant cable flame retardancy test method and the decision rules ( 太,太) Enacted since, making coal use effectively control and improve the flame retardant properties of the cable. But the existing flame retardant cable ( Used more chlorine polymer as the sheath material) Once heated combustion, the combustion release is a large amount of smoke. Although with IEC or GB/T measure the light transmittance in % of the following, but the release of hydrogen chloride ( HCl) Gas content is large, its content is more than mg/g, even achieve - mg/g. Such a thick smoke plus the HS and CO the toxic gas such as stimulate and poisoning of human respiratory system, narrow in underground environment, the affected people could not escape from the scene of the fire. According to foreign fire white paper records, the casualties in the 'secondary disasters' % ~ % of the total fire casualties. In China's coal mine fire accident casualties, the number of people suffering from 'secondary disasters' proportion is very big. Cable such as flame retardant or not will release a large amount of smoke when burning flame retardant materials and CO, HC, such as gas, in order to avoid or reduce fire accident 'secondary disasters', the international electrotechnical commission ( IEC) For years and years successively formulated and revised the IEC - And IEC - When, in order to limit burning releasing gas content ( Provisions of HC content & lt; Mg/g, release of corrosive gas burning pH> aqueous solution; 。 And electrical conductivity & lt; tts/ram) 。 Years and made the IEC to limit when releasing amount of smoke, Rules of smoke light transmittance & gt; %) 。 The country's naval engineering standard NES and NES one. Apply directly to the navy standard MILS NES when a standard to detect burning release toxic gas content ( Provisions of toxicity index & lt; ) 。 All these standards to restrict the cable such as flame retardant or not smoke and poison gas released by the combustion flame retardant materials provides effective and reliable basis, but in this high-risk industry, the coal mine coal mine in our country with cable in low smoke low toxic ( Halogen) On the control of or almost blank. When mine low smoke low halogen flame retardant burning pollution to the environment is smaller than the burning flame retardant cable, namely coal with low smoke low halogen flame retardant cable to reduce or reduce when the burning caused by secondary disasters; At the same time performance and can meet the requirements of coal mine with cable material, is the main direction in the future. Development and application of coal with low smoke low toxic ( Halogen) Flame retardant cable is very necessary and important. < /div> [SXXLJT edited]
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