Microcomputer control tensile stress relaxation testing machine functional features

by:AAA     2020-04-13
( Industry news] Microcomputer control tensile stress relaxation testing machine functional features zhisgoirh P relaxation testing machine load stability, control accuracy, low noise, good stability for a long time. Performance measurement and control system adopts domestic leading high-end machine with AEC controller, cooperate with the domestic initiative of universal modular TestLive computer test software, the system runs stably, measurement accurate and reliable test. This model accord with the GB/T metal Stress Relaxation Test method 'and' ASTM EStandard Test Methods for Stress Relaxation Tests for Materials and Structures, the standard requirements. Function characteristics: microcomputer control tensile stress relaxation testing machine l frame type structure compared with the column type structure, the overall frame structure stiffness big, host about higher than pillar type structure. Times. L experimental basic for enclosed space structure, reducing the air conditioning outlet air flow caused by temperature fluctuations, sample loading space temperature uniformity, good temperature stability. L bring counterforce frame, load sensor calibration is convenient. L real-time rendering the rest of the test force and the relation curve of time, the change of temperature and time curve. L specimen can be calculated hour ( Or any hours) Stress relaxation performance, calculation methods have double logarithmic and single logarithmic options, can be calculated according to the features of standards on sample, also can use all the patch is founded. It is recommended to use all the patch, according to the sample quantity is rich, more reasonable accurate test results. L according to the logarithmic time sampling stage can be divided into stages set different sampling period, greatly strengthen the sampling rationality. L support hours experiment can be set at any hour,, such as hours test. L can automatically calculate the stress relaxation properties of the specimens ( Such as stress relaxation rate, stress relaxation, relaxation rate, etc. ) 。 L load, displacement, deformation, such as channel full closed loop control, and can be a smooth transition between each other. L of as many as sensor linear compensation function, can improve equipment level of accuracy. L choose high-performance load sensor, and adopts ac excitation method, eliminating the drift measurement system impact on the accuracy of the data. L measurement and control system to support sensor calibration data backup, improve the reliability of the equipment maintenance. L during the trial, load, displacement and deformation and test curve real-time dynamic display on the screen. L test results can be stored and can be read at any time, refer to the test results. L to analyze experimental data and curve, the curve can be arbitrary local amplification. L support Excel report template, edit report format. L have a limit protection, full scale in overload protection function. L test space is large, not only satisfies the requirement of national standard ( Is greater than the diameter of times) , but also can satisfy the requirement of American standard, European standard ( Greater than or equal to. M. ) 。 Read more, please click on the electronic universal testing machine [zhisgoirh in edited]
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