Master cable product technological innovation will influence the future market

by:AAA     2020-04-09
( Industry news] Master product technology innovation will affect the future cable market new pattern P with cable product technology innovation will affect the future new cable market layout & lt; Div class = 'time' time > : author: long cable & lt; / div > < Div class = 'content' > master cable product technological innovation will influence the future cable market new pattern in the cable products innovation, grasp the more innovative technology companies will have a voice! 'Under normal circumstances, 'technology innovation' and 'voice' is a direct proportion relationship, especially in marketing, in particular. As if the cable companies do not take the technical innovation and accumulation, will lose the market analysis, judgment, comprehensive ability, meeting the demand of the moment, only to the long-term development of the enterprise is extremely unfavorable. Technology innovation, is a cable every enterprise's normal work scope and responsibility, not want to do, but you must bear the social responsibility. The predecessors cable technology, all the results, which one is not the first to eat crab in the industry. As an enterprise should through a lot of technology innovation to enrich their connotation and value. When it comes to technology innovation, will inevitably involve money and personnel issues. Some technical personnel as technical innovation have how many items, they are almost no professional literature in the cable industry. What about research and development capabilities. Some beer and skittles technology first-class, but enter the technical communication and speechless. I suggest that in the development of type and technical personnel recruitment and r&d investment of equipment, enterprise for its own development, need to be willing to part with or use. After all, as you sow, so shall you reap. With technology innovation, not hoarding and speculation, but for application in the work. Master data in new product development meeting, more people, can undertake a variety of comprehensive analysis, put forward their own opinions and becoming project director; And people who do not master data, is what opinion are also not to come out, even if, is also irrelevant. As companies even have a say, also cannot use, also have to listen to the opinions of others, because sometimes the 'meaning' things can happen, especially those very rich practical experience of old technicians, worker's opinion, tend to be of great reference value. As a technician should attend some more product exhibition, Chinese and foreign technical communication forums, see some related technical data, not just cable products, and materials and use of information, such as cable to classify collected carefully, for later use. Seemingly simple cable products, in fact also have asked the university. Didn't finish the predecessor a lifetime career, want to rely on later time to complete. Interested in the cause of cable products innovation, make full use of today, a good social environment and material conditions, act as the main force of the cable industry development of our country, make China cable abroad in big strides, hang big Chinese cable brand in all corners of the earth. < / div > < Div class = 'prenext > next article: photovoltaic modules in falling profits will influence the development of photovoltaic cable industry in China & lt; /div>
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