'Marketing and manufacturing wire and cable 10: power big data era intelligent cable looks very beautiful

by:AAA     2020-04-04
( Industry news] Wire and cable marketing and manufacturing period: power big data era intelligent cable looks beautiful heibaocjp P as is known to all, build wisdom city is the key to realize intelligent power grid. To meet the intelligent power grid is a necessary condition of intelligent cable. So, what is intelligent cable? Cable online product in the marketing and manufacturing wire and cable, special planning: power big data era, intelligent cable looks beautiful, decryption intelligent cable development a long way to go. The wire and cable marketing and manufacturing review article intelligent cable grid is to realize the intelligent key to realize intelligent power grid is not an easy task, nor does it happen overnight. In an atoning 'smart grid' the big cake, cable companies should strive to fight in China. Of course, this share the matter is not a brute strength, but constantly optimize the product in innovation. Technical articles to unlock cable and confused in the smart grid construction of 'smart', are changing the face of the cable industry. In the next few years, will be 'transformed', wire and cable industry in a more intelligent products and services to meet the power the advent of the era of intelligence. Market article vigorously promote intelligent cable industry be vividly portrayed our purpose of the construction of the smart grid is to ensure the reliable operation of power grids, smart cable launch at exactly the source to ensure the safety of electric power. Action piece of intelligent power grid to cable companies intelligent power grid, the move triggered a comprehensive upgrade power equipment: transformer to be more intelligent, switchgear to feedback status at any time, relay protection device to merge with a device. 。 。 Power cable, then, as the most important parts of power grid, how do you become smarter? Scale enterprises have begun to explore. Experience article intelligent cable cable companies in China still need to master the skills of the self-improvement to for the cable enterprises in our country, the development in addition to the technology and products have advantages of intelligent cable, but should also actively go out and learn, director of the others, for their own use, avoid the 'closed'. Suggest that scientific development hold good intelligent cable 'speed' promote the building of a smart grid, new trend in the development of intelligent power grid in the world. In the aid of this trend, driven by the intelligent cable arises at the historic moment, and at a faster speed to cater to the development of smart grid market. Years, government macroscopic guidance action in wisdom city intensive, especially in put forward on the guidance to promote the development of urban health wisdom ', made it clear to the years to build a characteristic of wisdom city. In so far, China has more than two batch of pilot cities into wisdom, rapid growth in years to a city, the wisdom of the actual operational pilot project of a city. Thus it is easy to see that wisdom city construction in China has entered a high-speed development period. In the current, with the construction of smart grid, the slogan of some dimensions has devoted to the construction of intelligent cable cable manufacturers, in the new field of cable carved out a piece of 'blue ocean' market. According to relevant data show that, with the 'wisdom' urban construction in our country continues to advance, domestic demand for fire retardant cable annual growth is expected to achieve %, market demand for breakthrough one hundred million yuan. Especially in the smart grid construction, wire and cable industry in China is undergoing tremendous changes, be vividly portrayed the intelligent cable industry is expected to rapid growth in recent years to mature, with a more leisurely attitude to meet power intelligent era. But at the same time, industry experts remind cable companies before enter the range of intelligent cable production, do some homework for smart cable, not blindly. The electric wire electric cable marketing and manufacturing electronic journals have been launched. Below details can click on the 'reading' and focus on cable online 'in the' official WeChat, send email address can online subscription!
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