Market is not the savior cable enterprise only rely on yourself

by:AAA     2020-04-16
( Industry news] Market there is no savior cable companies only depend on oneself xianlan P 'market is not so much the savior, only on your own, you do your enterprise, has the potential of sustained development, the bank will support you, the government will support you care about. 'Far east holding group Jiang Xipei, chairman of the board, said the next three to five years, will be half of the wire and cable industry enterprises no longer exists, wire and cable companies to realize the sustainable development should be' in time of peace prepare for war '. At present, wire and cable companies are facing energy rise, the material rising, wages rise, logistics problems such as slow, low profits, cash collection, in a capital intensive industry, cable companies there is a great demand for funds. Money problem is stuck in cable wire and cable industry enterprises a rope around his neck, to permit a day does not solve, can only wire and cable companies have been limited by funding problems and can't breathe. But many cables in our country enterprise financing basic only rely on government support and bank financing, the money can't satisfy the business enterprise development. And cable industry in China more than % for small and medium-sized enterprises, these enterprises in order to get the government's financial support or bank loans have larger difficulty. Wire and cable material is heavy industry, light industry demand for raw materials is the core problem. Once the capital chain, a cable companies will soon be on the verge of collapse, because they had no money to buy raw materials, can only be out of stock, and downstream of the electric power enterprise order cannot deliver, will face all kinds of serious consequences. In fact, do not pay enough attention to financing is a problem for the further development of wire and cable companies. Many wire and cable companies are too dependent on external financing, failed to fully exert their own financing ability. Many companies are not used to make investment promotion and capital introduction, are not good at making full use of its own advanced technology, high-quality products, excellent management, and other advantages. Core advantages cannot be reflected in the bank for its development potential is lack of confidence, together with the current bank financing threshold is higher, so the financing poor natural effect.
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