Market began to submarine cable & quot; Pick up & quot;

by:AAA     2020-04-22
( Industry news] Market began to submarine cable & quot; Pick up & quot; Ckluo P this article reprinted from 【 The south cable network] Along with the rapid growth of Internet users and Internet service escalation has in the past two years, many areas bandwidth saturation state, a new round of submarine cable construction boom has emerged. Huawei recently and submarine cable engineering Systems, Global Marine Systems Limited ( 'global maritime system co. , LTD. ) Letter of intent signed a joint venture, with the help of a joint venture way, formal cut into the underwater communications market, the sea 'gold'. Submarine cable market as a whole 'recovery after a few years ago the international cable market countless serious imbalance, break-even point in almost all of the relevant enterprises' knowledge' after the trough, in the past two years, optical fiber market especially submarine cable market began to 'pick up'. According to understanding, submarine cable market 'recovery' the single biggest reason, however, is a global network broadband multimedia services, the IP is changed, as well as a high speed Internet drive global bandwidth demand explosive growth. According to the latest statistics show that, as of the end of this year, the global Internet users. Million, global coverage reached. %, broadband breakthrough billion, and the number of Internet users in China. Million, number of broadband users reached. Million; For mobile terminal wireless Internet users to wan, networking equipment ten thousand units. China has reached G, total Internet bandwidth in the Chinese Internet gateway bandwidth of G. If the capacity of the entire Internet growth speed slower than the growth of the Internet users, one day, the Internet will be overwhelmed. Ccid consulting analyst said, on a world scale, broadband extremely developed countries have some feel strained resources, while the situation in China has been tight. In response to this situation, the operator has been taking a series of measures to solve this problem. At the same time, earthquake of sea in Taiwan at the end of year, makes some of the major international operators began to speed up the pace of the construction of the international submarine cable, want to use multiple routing, large-scale international submarine cable in meet the demand of business development at the same time, effectively resist natural disasters to the destruction of the international network security. Industry analysts say, years of submarine cable communications market has developed rapidly, including two trans-pacific cable system and a series of medium ( To km) Project, submarine cable market driven by the accumulative open new file length nearly thousands of kilometers, open a new project number more than a file. From TSoja telecom market analyst forecasts, dynamic displacement by the global rapid development of Internet, global submarine cable in the next five years the size of the market each year at about $.
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