Man in the heavy rain to electrocution street lamp whether leakage is worth thinking about

by:AAA     2020-04-18
( Industry news] Man is whether electrocution street light leakage in a heavy rain to ponder BingYue P recently, with the advent of the rainy season, many places there was heavy rain weather, this reminds me of last year this time, guangdong zengcheng Zeng Liang up the red rainstorm warning, heavy rain a man shouted his shock after walking beside the lamp posts trash can fall on the ground, no longer. Why the man suddenly get an electric shock after heavy rain? Where is the leakage FaYin the accident? When the last three or four hours of torrential rain for the citizens of travel have caused great distress, traffic jams, the scene of the accident also continues to rescue them. The man in the rain when walking beside the lamp posts to the knee, with his 1: 'there is electricity, help! ' the fall on the ground after a loud cry for help, died after failure in rescue. Were at the scene revealed that the man was due to electrocution masses, whether because of the light pole leakage caused by electric shock accident is still unknown. If the scene has ruled out a safety hazard remains unclear. At present there are innumerable light pole, whether there is a potential safety hazard is unknown, and regular inspection and maintenance, also don't know how to put an end to such events? Mr Yue electric ( Shanghai) Co. , LTD. , has been committed to research and development of high quality cable connector, adhere to the 'good faith just hold, amkor technology such as yue' concept created the light pole leakage prevention industry. In light pole leakage accident frequency is developed under the background of grasp yue bo yibo light pole leakage proof connector, to the best of our efforts to significantly reduce light pole to get an electric shock accidents. Here small make up remind everybody, rainy summer, especially heavy rain weather, travel to pay attention to safety, life only have once, and line and cherish it.
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