make a garmin vehicle power cable work again

by:AAA     2021-01-13
This is a Garmin GPS for cars.
Garmin has used DC power supplies for cigarette lighter on quite a few models in recent years and is still in use.
We have the bad habit of taking apart so that the fuse and center pin come out with the fixing nut.
These small parts are scattered throughout the car and unless you want to see how long it runs on the AA battery in the unit, the GPS is useless. It gets worse.
A fixed nut hook can be seen on a piece of paper.
The threaded part of the nut is broken and separated from the rest of the nut.
Soon, no matter what happens, the fuse will not stay where it is.
I forgot, but this power converter used to be separated once before and I put it together with a piece of plastic tape.
The first step to make the power converter useful in a simple way is to start by cutting off the thread of the rest of the nut.
It is a good idea to install fuses on the power supply, but these fuses hardly ever explode and need to be replaced.
I cut a short piece of solid copper wire and welded it to the end cap of the fuse.
Then I bent a hook over the wire.
If you are worried about fuse breaking without a replacement, buy a second fuse and weld a hook-like copper wire on it.
I hung the fuse on the spring at the back.
This will prevent the fuse from falling off from the end of the power converter.
There is a space where the solid wire can be installed without limiting anything and allows the fuse to move back and forth as needed.
My nails point to the threaded part of the nut removed from the rest of the nut.
Instead of fixing any parts in the power converter, it acts as a collar to keep the fuse centered and reduce the sideto-side play.
I did wrap the glass part of the fuse with one or two layers of tape so that the fuse would slide more easily and the edge of the metal fuse cover would not be stuck in the thread edge part.
Some spare parts are left, but the power converter now works reliably again.
The metal tip previously in contact with the center tip of the lighter has been replaced by the fuse end visible in the photo.
There is still spring action on the Fuse, so it will push itself into the socket.
This step is a bit updated.
In some cars, especially in the rental car, the power adapter does not maintain stable contact, causing the GPS to enter the blank screen and then restart or remain turned off.
The flat end of the fuse is not consistent with the contact of the Center terminal in some lighters.
I stripped about 1 inch of the 20 th wire and circled around the tip of the needle and nose clamp three or two times.
I welded the part of the coil to the end of the fuse.
Then I caught the wire.
This left a tip on the fuse.
Because we have no problem cutting off the GPS power on any car.
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