Maintenance of the brake system is to protect life

by:AAA     2020-04-05
( Industry news] Maintenance of the brake system is to protect life joyu P in change garments according to the time of the car to do a careful 'examination'. Owners do not neglect of the brake system maintenance and attention. You know, the brake system is vital for the motion of the vehicle safety, once appear, fault, the owner will have life risk at any time. That how to grasp the situation of the brake pads? In general, the brake system is done by the brake pad or brake shoe brake function. Therefore, car mainly check the thickness of the brake pad or brake shoe. Once found close to or less than the thickness of manufacturer specified minimum thickness, the owner should be replaced immediately related accessories. Owners in check brake pads at the same time, also check the brake disc and brake hub of wear and tear, if contact surface appeared the dent, timely replacement disc or drum light, in order to make sure the contact area with the brake pads. Owners can usually by car if the brake warning light on the dashboard light up, as the basis of whether to replace the brake shoe. But it is important to note that after the warning lights lit, into the brake system of work limits, if until then change, the owner is quite dangerous when high speed. So, each time the car into the factory maintenance, have to check the usage of brake pads, car owners can change some early close to the life of the brake pads, and you can't just rely on the warning lights to give tips. Regularly check replacement brake oil regularly replace the brake fluid is an important part of automobile braking system maintenance. Braking system in the brake pads and brake disc friction, heat makes the temperature rise and then reach boiling point, the moisture inside the brake oil will boil and bubble. When there is a certain amount of air bubbles in the brake pipe, the owner on the brake pedal will feel very soft, feel braking force, serious may also lose the braking force. Brake fluid, on the other hand, has the water absorbability, if long time don't change will corrosion braking system, bring hidden danger to traffic. In general, motor vehicle should be replaced every million kilometers a brake oil, so as to ensure the cleanliness of brake oil. Zhongyu technology solution is given in pointed out when selecting brake pads, please try to choose a good quality, face to face with observing surface is smooth, toughness good quality is relatively good, if the surface is rough, is likely to be fakes, or error in the brake pads batching process, human factors, equipment precision is not high, not used automatic dispensing equipment pads, so the quality problem of the brake pads also directly affect the safety of drivers.
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