Low smoke zero halogen cable is spreading rapidly

by:AAA     2020-04-20
( Industry news] Low smoke zero halogen cables are quickly popularized BSCRM P in recent years, low smoke zero halogen cables, becoming increasingly prevalent in application in our country, were no longer a mysterious products, general cable factory can be made. However, for the understanding of the low smoke zero halogen cables, also not so deep. The Internet has been introduced low smoke zero halogen material and low smoke zero halogen cables, so as to enrich the people the understanding of the material and cable products. Someone has done the following introduction. Systems containing halogen flame retardant polymers because of its outstanding flame retardant effect, before the mid occupies the absolute dominance in flame retardant polymer market. Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) of wire and cable industry ( PVC) Is one of them is still in the sheath and insulation materials bearing the main characters. With the progress of society and the rapid development of science and technology, PVC inner weakness, Release a lot of smoke during burning, severe corrosive gas and toxic gas) Increasingly obvious. Since then the assessment and looking for PVC material substitute gradually became the focus of debate. As early as in Europe first found pbdes contained in the products of combustion, four bromine generation of double benzene and two 4-dioxane and four bromine double coumarone belongs to carcinogens. Until in the UK and have found five pbdes, ten pbdes in wild falcon eggs within the domestic falcon eggs times higher biological accumulation. So try again refused to production and the use of bromine-containing flame retardant action. In the past years, Up to now) Halogen-free flame retardant system gradually entered Europe, and is accepted as a part of the cable manufacturing technology. While the us is not the case, is usually limited to products via Europe didn't make the rules. Europe and the United States based on different national conditions and background have completely opposing points of view: according to the United States the concept of circulating: scourge is rooted in the generation of carbon monoxide gas and the subsequent CO in the process of flashover is converted into heat release of CO. Therefore, if we can through some way to control the process of heat release, can reduce the dangers of fire. Since the European tradition believed: scourge of severity depends on the success rate of people from the fire scene. Smoke irritation and toxicity is the main factor that restricted from the scene of the fire. Therefore, for the combustion of smoke, poison, and corrosion should be given priority attention. In other words, completely devoid of halogen material production and use is the top priority. The above argument spread to the whole industry. 。 。 。 During the European countries, Another special Japanese) The meeting of electrical and electronic products ( Including printed circuit boards, wire and cable, device packaging, attachment, etc. ) Looking for halogen substitution in the industry made a special issue. Actively seek substitutes containing halogen flame retardant has become the industry's top priority. Especially the development of wire and cable industry. The world has a large number of wire and cable material suppliers. Most manufacturers recently is engaged in development and production of halogen free materials. 例如:杜邦,α加里,巴斯夫、拜耳、北欧化工、埃克森、赫斯特和壳牌化学物质等。 Already on the market for different purposes, Construction, communications, transportation, railway, etc. ) Need a different type of halogen-free cable products. It should be noted that with the development of the cable industry, in addition to the power cable, the buildings (electric, / v) Wiring cables, telephone cables and data cables have been made great progress. So far, the power cable ( < kV) And/v mains cable is still for more than half of PVC cable material. Building the mains wiring, general cable and telephone cable are sheathed ( PVC) + insulation ( PVC) ; The data cable is sheathed ( PVC) + insulation ( Micronesia or high-density PE) 。 A trend that suggests LSZH in important situation will gradually become the first selection of the cable material. Such as the UK since the royal London subway station tragic fire accident, the relevant departments have been expressly in public must adopt appropriate use of technical indicators of LSZH cable materials. The emergence of the modern computer network drives the computer local area network ( LAN) Rapid development, resulting in thirst for interconnected data transmission cable is growing. General estimate that the average every computer need m LAN cable. As a result of the data cable performance is far better than the telephone cable, therefore, to further the development of LAN cable will enter the internal telephone system. It seems that you should see a low smoke zero halogen cable material and broad market prospect of cable products, time to develop low smoke zero halogen cables, will be the wire and cable manufacturer have a new economic growth point.
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