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Long feng the perdition of the cable, a fact, stand the test!

by:AAA     2020-04-13
( Industry news] Long feng the perdition of the cable, a fact, stand the test! Rangfeng P recently, jiangsu long feng group due to mismanagement proposed buyout by CSL cable, make this is located in the town of yixing China cable cable officer Lin large enterprises in another way back to the everyone's vision. Cable co. , LTD. , founded in year of long peak in the bath of the spring breeze of reform and opening-up has developed more than ten years later also has a considerable scale, years later, with a number of cable companies, facing the same copper prices, the domestic vicious competition, normal product profit is low, etc, in order to the development of the enterprise, long peak in positive product technology content through ascension also looking for a way out. Long years, peak cable in the cable industry has introduced the domestic only a Italian imports of aluminum alloy continuous casting and rolling production line, and cooperate with Shanghai electric cable research institute, north China electric power university development of aluminum alloy conductor cable, at that time become the domestic aluminum alloy series of the leading enterprises of the cable, aluminum alloy cable technical strength to beat. Aluminum alloy cable to the success of the project implementation, make long peak cable into a large cable company annual production capacity of one hundred million yuan. Cable industry an emerging new star is rising. Behold, long feng cable immediately plummet, fell to the bottom all the way! Why in a short span of two years, the once glorious long peak cable straight to the end? What is gripped the throat of long peak? Long feng cable as a typical Chinese family enterprises, under the reform and open policy policy shine aura, earned the first bucket of gold, with the enlargement of enterprise scale, the problems existing in the enterprise itself also increasingly prominent: one, the old management mode: long peak cable still continue to use traditional family management model, important position, the head of all their relatives for employers, basic it is to lay down their hoes did leadership, cause long peak cable from three aspects of low level) Low cultural level of the management, Without continuous learning ability, lack of self-discipline and responsibility, or in the production of non-standard products, small farmers thought rampant corruption seriously) 。 ) Management and technical level is low, Ignore technology, ignore the importance of the seriousness of the law, such as the production of non-standard products also points A, B, C, D, E grade, no attention to the cultivation of technical personnel, unable to form A system, perfect technical system lead to technical faults, too serious to normal production) 。 ) Management management ability is low, The enterprise internal management, coordination confusion, contradictions, corruption, any foreign employees lack of normal rising channel and the ability of space) 。 Second, the enterprise quality consciousness: encourage to cut corners, encourage the use of scrap, cause the quality accident frequency, even through other channels to handle customer, still make the enterprise reputation is worse and worse, affect the sales of the enterprise. Three, enterprise legal consciousness: the new employee delivered with living expenses only, many workers resign until all don't know their exact salary, tax evasion, lead to the lack of centripetal force, swift and step by step, the enterprise into a national and social moth, damage state, the society, push all later wall. Four, capital chain connection: under the circumstances of domestic Banks tightening, with a number of cable companies, cable long peak is faced with the plight of the capital chain cohesion is not. The above is the root of long peak toward the end, the appearance of long peak depends on the aluminum alloy cable project, long feng also began in the demise of the aluminum alloy cable out of control of the project. Also because of long peak water level management culture, technology and management ability is low, the rule of law consciousness, to make the enterprise to the normal, healthy development track. Because is the production of non-standard products as its main business, seized by the national testing agencies, has a poor record in public security system, the enterprise mainly, also was sentenced, head of the national famous 'lianyungang cable quality accident case' is hard, after that long peak cable still tho, still take chances to produce fake and inferior products, the public security department in case of need, we can provide long peak cable other proof of unknown quality accident case clues. As is known to all, aluminum alloy cable belong to high technology content products, need a high technical level and extremely strict quality control to produce qualified products, not only need to abundant capital and equipment foundation, also need professional technical team from alloy recipe to dozens of production process and quality control points, these all need to strictly control to produce qualified aluminum alloy cable, a quality control points didn't put the control in place, the whole root products are likely to be damaged, and aluminum alloy with copper cable is different, there is no defect, only qualified products and unqualified products, unqualified aluminum alloy cable hidden trouble in security in the process of using much more serious than other cable. Unable to overcome the inherent defects of long peak cable under the management of 'belonging', do not leave technology, keep talents, do not leave, do not leave money market, the long feng aluminum alloy cable development research of general labor had already left, and the recent main backbone in the see in the production of aluminum alloy, prospects, and do not learn, also in the production of non-standard, thus to resign, cannot be produced as a direct result of aluminum alloy. Aluminum alloy cable enterprise production from domestic leading enterprises to now even normal production of aluminum alloy rod, how pathetic. In our impression, Chinese family businesses are usually in the form of tragedy, in contrast, Germany, Volkswagen, BMW, metro, henkel all these world-class giants actually is a family business, the description of the development of family business can be, at least just long peak cable has lost opportunities, while George santayana regretted, also caused our profound reflection on these newcomers! [rangfeng edited]
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