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Located at liushi the big three

by:AAA     2020-04-23
( Industry news] Located at liushi located at liushi the big three xsappleone P making its debut in yueqing, a town in the south of zhejiang, because of low voltage electrical appliances in China are famous all over China. In years, high and low voltage electrical output value more than the whole. On the seventh day, liu town once again ushered in the local Chinese electronics cultural festival, starting from the year up to now, every lunar New Year in the first week of began three days of the Chinese electrical appliances culture festival. Located at liushi which is the most busy days a year, so the festival is located at liushi locals call it 'temple fair' is not big, but undiscovered talent. Located at liushi as of the end of the year, annual sales of more than one hundred million yuan entrepreneurs, sales of home, more than $billions of home ( The home) is proposed 。 Daily bigwigs their respective, but this day all low-voltage people will gather. In industrial equipment electrical festival this year, electric theme named 'upgrade transformation, development innovation'. Program type electric culture festival, the people's electric President Zheng Yuanbao, delixi President Hu Chengzhong, chint President NaCunHui, three buildings located at liushi electronics giant is present at the time of all is calm demeanor, but with different mechanical and electrical market worries for China. Their attitude is also what we're learning
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