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Linan painted painted painted painted painted checked cable of the radio frequency

by:AAA     2020-04-25
( Industry news] Linan painted painted painted painted painted checked radio frequency cable xiaoye P has zhejiang linan city for more than a specific quality of wire and cable products for the spot check, the qualified rate of close to ninety percent, the qualified rate of increase than last year more than ten percent. The selective examination was conducted for wire and cable of the radio frequency products, selective examination scope includes dozens of manufacturers and enterprises of the city, random batches in total, unqualified batch, batch percent of pass is. %, than special supervision and spot check batch qualified rate. %, increased. Two percentage points. The spot check of batches of rf cable manufacturing enterprises, mainly in linan linglong, chengdu, cross for transshipment, source of taihu lake township, base covered the linan radio frequency cable production areas. From inspection, unqualified project mainly include the structure size of sampling observation of the characteristic impedance, attenuation constant, return loss, such as, unqualified enterprises are small scale of production, the causes of unqualified basically has: one is market competition under the pressure, there are corners, reduce the cost. Such as reducing sheath thickness, PVC raw materials, such as the use of recycling the waste, small inner conductor diameter, etc. 2 it is part of the enterprise production equipment backwardness, lack of necessary testing equipment, factory inspection ability. Three is the lack of the necessary technical and management talent, some small entrepreneurs tend to be pluralism, no corresponding professional talents to control the production process, lead to bad product quality control. Visible linan city, wire and cable products are constantly improved, but there are a lot of room to improve, the manufacturer will need to strictly control the production process, update equipment and absorb talents, to ensure the high quality of the production process. To learn more, please click to view: HTTP / / WWW. bjcmdl。 cn/new。 asp吗? id=
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