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Light pole electric shock proof industries, emerging industries, the market of billions, patented product, recruit agents!

by:AAA     2020-04-15
( Industry news] Light pole electric shock proof industries, emerging industries, the market of billions, patented product, recruit agents! Byelectric P grasp yue electric ( Shanghai) Co. , LTD. Street light leakage prevention industry investment invitation letter' Emerging industries, billions market, invites you to share 】 【 Patented product without competition, operational safety control 】 【 A new generation of a city http / / www。 byelectric。 com/news_。 htm吗? spm =。 。 。 。 QWbwkM【 Copy the above link to open in a browser, you can see a complete full 】 Grasp yue electric co. , LTD is a professional design, development and production of cable connector, providing services such as electricity connection solution of innovative enterprises. Today, street lamp enterprise vigorous development, bring light to the person at the same time, the light pole electric shock accidents occurred frequently, also to people's life safety brought many hidden trouble, also caused a lot of confusion for management department. Street lamp is more and more beautiful, light source technology is more and more advanced, but why or get an electric shock accident often happen? Below is part of the media reported nearly three years accidents: in today's media network is more and more developed, lamp posts to get an electric shock accident caused widespread discussion, also some media had issued such a sigh 'dangerous pole! 'Road lighting bring great convenience to our life travel, is an essential part of our life. But we often find that, in the very need to lighting of the bad weather, the street lamp is not bright. This can't blame management department, management department is also out of kindness, fear caused leakage accident, cause harm to people, and so had to power under bad environment. 'Safe, reliable power supply' is the foundation of road lighting. Somewhere at the end of the year, because the city street lamps management department, grasp yue electrical begin to pay close attention to the light pole leakage prevention. Through a lot of investigation and study, grasp yue electrical found that light pole leakage is the main reason of the light pole in cable connection caused by improper handling, accounting for % of above factors. Below is the current domestic most of the light pole in cable branch connection diagram: such a connection is to drag the cable to about cm above the ground mounting holes, to the branch of the cable connection, convenient installation, maintenance in the late maintenance is also relatively simple. Because of the light pole diameter smaller, therefore can only adopt the method of truncation cable. At present the main connection way is to use cable skinning, wire winding or pressure welding, insulation tape sealing, play the role of insulation and moisture proof. Due to the light pole exposed to outdoor, baked winter cold summer, easy to wet water, insulating tape is very easy to aging, will loose ~ years commonly, sealing effect is falling fast. Insulating tape after aging, dielectric strength sharply reduced, it is easy to breakdown, and metal light pole form discharge or by electricity. Below is some pictures taken at the scene. Below is discharge or by isoelectric point: grasp yue electric after a lot of research, the development way to preventing leakage light pole connectors, can effectively prevent the light pole electric shock accidents continue to happen. Grasp yue electric light pole leakage proof connector cable connections adopted many new technology, is designed for light pole in cable connection design and development of new products, access to the national invention patent. Grasp yue electric light pole leakage proof connector has the following characteristics: u, u will not occur leakage or short circuit copper, aluminum cable can use u, simple operation, short labor time ( A second) U can be repeated use (> Times) U repair time is short, Minutes) U maintenance is very convenient, Minutes) U don't need to reserve a cable, save cable cost % is the most critical, compared to other way, bo yibo light pole leakage proof connector does not change the way street lamp current wiring and construction, maintenance, very easy to be accepted by the customer. Grasp yue electric is a 'dedicated, specialized' company, selling all adopt the agent sales model, closely rely on middlemen, division of labor cooperation, win-win future! Grasp yue electrical created the light pole leakage prevention industry, the industry has both market capacity is very big, bright future. ( Market analysis report, please consult grasp yue electrical) In the economic downturn, the country will expand infrastructure investment, the number of the light pole will continue to increase. In particular wisdom of the future construction of city, relying on lamp posts as the important carrier, investment will be trillions. What are some of the characteristics of the industry, how to do it again? Grasp yue electrical industry and users for the in-depth research, summed up a set of effective sales strategy, sales staff will continue to the agent and the agent training, make it very easy to do business. Grasp yue electric is a company attaches great importance to the r&d and innovation, continuous innovation, all products have unique advantages, with light pole leakage proof connector as the breakthrough point, can do a lot of the extension of product, obtain higher returns. Market to the professional sales company, grasp yue electric provide perfect pre-sale training and sales support. Now the country recruit agents, you can have your own company, also can borrow grasp yue electric platform. Grasp yue electrical protect the interests of the agent and the generation of a city strategy, standardize market behavior, adherence to the agent sales system, never seek direct sales! Interested in you, hurriedly contact: Mr Ling. Mr Yue electric light pole leakage proof connector foreign merchants file. pdf
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