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Less than one hundred RMB/roll of wire inferior probability is bigger

by:AAA     2020-04-11
( Industry news] The wire inferior probability of less than one hundred RMB/roll bigger xianlan P less than one hundred RMB/roll of wire inferior probability is bigger, June 21, the jinan area market regulator for wire and cable to carry out special inspection, law enforcement officials said. Law enforcement officials said, in order to cope with supervisory selectiving examination and deceive consumers, some unscrupulous manufacturers through the control of the production process, making several meters long wires on both ends of the standard, while the middle section cut corners, pull copper core diameter is very fine, two head among coarse fine, make the line diameter smaller cross-sectional area, and the size of the cross-sectional area determines the flow of electric wires can carry. What is more serious, wire manufacturers use inferior 'second-hand' brass, iron or copper clad aluminum, copper, copper clad steel to pretend to copper electrolytic copper wire. The impurities of heavy refined copper, easy ageing, resistivity is big, easy to cause the conductor resistance, make the hot wire speed, in addition to cost a lot of energy, also easy to cause fire. Law enforcement personnel reminds a citizen to see mark, buy from the normal manufacturer, a product certificate of wire and cable. Source link: cable mall ( www。 xianlan。 com) Is a collection research and development production and sales of wire and cable type direct online procurement platform
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