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Latin America in 2022 low voltage cable market demand of about 67 billion yuan

by:AAA     2020-04-12
( Industry news] Low voltage cable in Latin America market demand of about one hundred million yuan useful P' Cable network - 】 According to the Grand View the latest Research, Research institutions, according to a report by years, Latin America, low voltage cable market scale is expected to reach. $( RMB one hundred million) During, the compound annual increase rate of %. Over the past decade, Latin America, to get high speed development of industrialization, greatly promote the Latin American electric power demand growth, so as to promote regional cable demand increasing, particularly in the field of power transmission and distribution. From the point of application market, years, construction and distribution are the two main application of low voltage cable market market, is expected to the year, the trend will continue. The sustainable development of the infrastructure is to promote the demand for residential, office buildings and distribution facilities growth directly. From the state, in Brazil is Latin America's biggest low voltage cable demand market, accounting for % of the total regional markets. Brazil is the development of the past ten years a microcosm of the development of Latin America. In addition, Brazil's prosperity of the automotive industry is expected to further promote the demand for low voltage cable. From suppliers, nexon, prysmian, general cable, the downtown cable Southwire, Simon, Remee Products, ABB group will become the region mainly low voltage cable supplier. From product demand trends, robust, anti interference and environmentally friendly products will become the trend of the development of low voltage cable in Latin America, to further ensure public safety. For example, prysmian group is developing new polymer sheath, protect submarine cables and underground cables not easily affected by external environment, general cable is more focus on halogen-free cable series. This article USES the real-time exchange rate = $. Yuan yuan
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