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Large supply of Germany import cable

by:AAA     2020-04-21
( Industry news] Large supply of imported German cable gzcable P agent products of the company to introduce a. LAPPKABEL( Cable, cable) : Germany LAPPKABEL/SKINTOP cable jacket under the aegis of the cable jacket can make the cable in the middle and fixed, seal, slow release stress. SKINTOP has a variety of models to choose from: plastic or brass material, riot, resistance to electromagnetic interference, zero halogen, resistance to bending, imperial or metric. 。 Control cable. Data cable. Flexible cable, control cable, elevator cable and conveying system, fixed installation of cable and wire, high-frequency data transmission and cable, oil resistant and high temperature resistant cables, spiral cables, etc. Data cable: low frequency data transmission cable and high frequency data transmission cables. Bus system cable: InterBus system with bus, ProfiBus bus cable, CAN bus, AS InterFace with bus, DeviceNet system with bus system, etc. 2. LUMBERG dual mode ( 拉斯特。 ) Connector, macro mode ( RAST) The connector. Constantly connected interface box 'ASB actuator/sensor distribution box' IP, IP valve connectors used in ASI, interbus, Profibus network I/O module, unit, EC composite shell such as I/O system. 3. EPIC( Aviation joint) Industrial type overload torque and circular connectors, standard, low voltage, high current, intensive, wear postures, quick plug connector, etc. Four. Tsubaki KABELSCHLEPP guideposts to/Germany Japan this cable drag chain, the ACS id series, wear wall plate series, cable protection hose and connectors. Five. Belden cable network data, sound, video cable, industrial control cable, low voltage cable, electronic wire and new products. Six. LENZE series ac servo drive system, positioning servo controller, the VECTOR engineering VECTOR inverter, variable frequency drive seven MOTEC mechanical and electrical integration, SAB cable halogen-free cable, high flexible cable, servo motor cable, ETFE, FEP, PFA cable, bus cable, flexible torsional cable, special cable, flexible control cable, data cable, silicone rubber cable, European standard solid electric cables, thermocouple, KAKU Taiwan eight card set DIN specifications special guide steel rail aluminum guide contact information: company name: guangzhou KaiBao automation technology co. , LTD. United people: Mr Xu miss yu mobile phones: contact phone number, fax number, email the sales @ gzcable. com. Cn contact address: guangzhou tianhe district zhongshan road car vicious east east room Hao commercial building, zip code: company homepage: HTTP / / WWW. gzcable。 com. cn
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