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Lang: the fool who is in power

by:AAA     2020-04-20
( Industry news] Lang: who is the fool power tension DE P month, the China electricity council released the first three quarters the country's electricity supply and demand analysis forecast, forecast the wintry spring is the largest power gap will be put into ~ kilowatts, this conclusion is beyond the month (supervisor will kilowatts is expected. Similarly, in the middle of China electric power enterprise federation in also released the first half of the country's electricity supply and demand analysis report, said in a report huaneng, datang, huadian, guodian, CLP vote five big power group in the first half of the thermal power production losses. One hundred million yuan year-on-year ZengKui. One hundred million yuan. Where is the core of the problem? Five big power plant no losses but according to our survey data show that the five plants don't have a loss. Huadian power international, 。 ,。 ,。 %) In the first half net profit is. One hundred million yuan, huaneng power international, 。 ,。 ,。 %) Net income is. One hundred million yuan, guodian power ( 。 ,。 ,。 %) Net income is. Shanghai electric (one hundred million yuan, 。 ,。 ,。 %) Net income is. One hundred million yuan, datang power generation ( 。 ,。 ,。 %) Net income is. One hundred million yuan, they are all make money. Since no loss, why want to cheat us? This is about to know our plant internal secret! First, the old plus interest payments. Datang power generation, for example, the rising fuel costs one hundred million yuan, revenue rose by one hundred million yuan. It finally earned one hundred million yuan. But output increased % compared to last year, operating income increased by %, this massive increase in, found that its operating profit fell close to % to one hundred million yuan from one hundred million yuan, the money gone? For its financial statement analysis, we found that the one hundred million yuan is equipment depreciation cost, penalty, the interest payments of $one hundred million. Because the investment policy of supporting one trillion yuan, including datang, five big power plants in the years with the increasing investment in power plant, so much of the fixed capital investment and depreciation charge is deducted one hundred million yuan, the key to the money is borrowed. Second, is to resell the coal. We found that the coal contract shall, in accordance with the government regulations must be signed directly by the qualified enterprises and coal companies, but in the end, sign the tons of coal, actually only half, the other half of the coal to yuan per ton price to sell to middlemen, and then again after the intermediaries may c to sell to traders, traders price again, and added to the market price about the situation and then sold to small power plants, chemical plants, steel mills, and other enterprises. That is generating too much trouble, to earn money too slow, selling coal to make money is quicker. Third, China's power plant efficiency is very low. Italy, Japan, South Korea every kilowatt coal is g, we are. But our Shanghai waigaoqiao power plant 3, every kilowatt with coal is g. If we make this technology popularization of waigaoqiao no. 3 power plant to the whole country, we can increase the kilowatts of electricity every year, can save. One hundred million tons of coal, is equal to we now use the % of coal. Why do we have no incentive to improve the efficiency of coal? Because power plant together us tariffs, only price is the most energy, in this case, the power plant where be motivated to improve the efficiency of coal! Power plant due to the above reasons, earn enough money, will find all sorts of reason to push to take off power to a certain stage. In years, a lot of places where electricity, electricity enterprise external explanation is to maintenance equipment to support the demand of the summer. After two months in the summer, we found that still not electricity, we lack of electricity phenomenon is more serious. After two months didn't repaired? It's doubtful! Price is not the solution we have a very special term call plan, power plant power generation is also divided into two parts, planned and unplanned. Planned power generation is to be able to make money, as long as the demand of the market power plant power generation more than planned, the extra part is losing money. For planned and unplanned after we investigate three results: first, don't know who is doing the plan; Second, do not know how many degrees of planned power generation; Third, don't know how much to recover its planned. In the case of pushed, he raised a month, the industrial, commercial and agricultural use of electricity. To the credit of, let's ordinary residential electricity prices unchanged. In fact the industrial, commercial, agricultural electricity utilization electricity also cannot rise, because will increase the cost of enterprise, this is bad for our business. Under the market-oriented era, I suggest that we of the electric power industry, to planned and unplanned to accounting, can even cancel the power of the planned and unplanned and large fall in price. To keep the plant profitable, but also can't give it a windfall, returns to the % ~ %, let them to meet the social needs, large power, then lower the price. Residential electricity decline, industrial electricity price decline will help to promote the economic development of our country, it is kill two birds with one stone of good thing.
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