Knife visual intelligence: touch the LCD glass machine vision defects ( Scratch) Detection system

by:AAA     2020-04-13
( Industry news] Dagger see touch LCD glass defects (intelligent machine vision Scratch) Detection system JDS P articles from the network, more information please click: surface defect detection HTTP / / WWW. jiandaoshi。 Com/with the rapid development of science and technology and industrial level, touch LCD screen class electronic products gradually become indispensable important component in our life and work. The development of science and technology makes the quality requirements of electronic products is increasing day by day, and touch the LCD screen as one of the important components, electronic products, its quality directly about electronic product performance and appearance. Such as LCD, mobile phone touch screen glass sheet class electronic products production process, due to objective factors such as production technology, etc. , can't completely avoid all kinds of defects ( Such as bubbles, stones, window screen, screen scratches, glass stains, dirt, glass screen size, side damage, missing Angle, mobile phone touch screen glass bad points, etc. ) Production. So, how to efficiently, quickly and accurately detect and identify products such as LCD screen, mobile phone touch screen glass with different size and appearance defects, this is all a touch screen, LCD glass production enterprise must face and solve problems. Traditional LCD products, mobile phone glass defect detection is mainly rely on artificial vision, due to objective factors of artificial detection is more, not only can't satisfy the need of modern enterprise batch production quickly, and detection accuracy is limited, can't guarantee the high quality glass products, leading to customer complaints, reparations, bring huge losses. Machine vision is to use machines to replace human eyes do measurement and judgment, intake device will be taking the target from the image into image signal, and send it to the dedicated image processing system, according to the pixel distribution and brightness, color and other information, converted to digital signal; Image system for various operation these signals to extract the characteristics of the target, and according to the results of determination to control the scene of the equipment. For touch LCD glass industry development touch LCD glass defects ( Scratch) Automatic detection system, the use of machine vision to replace manual testing, achieve precise, efficient and reliable repetition, intelligent automatic flaw detection. Defects detection system features: found non-conforming alarm prompt. Test results show that real-time data real time; Process management functions, various specifications can be set up and maintain the test parameters; Have data statistics function, such as defective product types, quantity and qualified rate, etc. , with functions of SPC statistical analysis; System stability and high repeatability; Equipment is easy to operate, easy to maintain. According to the different touch LCD glass production enterprise product defects, the characteristics of the new technology can customize package, design is suitable for the machine vision detection requirements automatic flaw detection equipment, satisfy the customer different testing requirements.
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