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Jingdong won the bid for the state grid project with cable people grab the business?

by:AAA     2020-04-15
( Industry news] Jingdong won the bid for the state grid project with cable people grab the business? Adcrea P recently, jingdong retail group, jingdong enterprise business division won the bid for the annual national power grid frame project office class materials. Jingdong enterprise business will integrate jingdong in technology, supply chain, goods and financial advantages, to cover all parts of the country a guodian unit output intelligent procurement plan, service national grid in the power of the Internet of things digital construction. In this cooperation, jingdong enterprise business as for generic jingdong group in power iot of periodic fall to the ground, to provide intelligent procurement plan to the national grid, covers the permissions of the provinces and cities in the process of purchasing company and branch management and realizing a complete process of purchasing electronic, approval regulations, electronic signature, the electronic contract, electronic invoice, pay check the whole process of electronic service, make the purchase of state grid work is more simple, standard, transparent, not only can greatly improve the efficiency of purchasing, also can realize reasonable control procurement processes, reduce procurement costs, such as target, become a national grid authors 'rock'. And in terms of efficiency, jingdong enterprise business through technology, operations management, enterprise supply chain ability to enhance the national power grid purchase satisfaction. Based on jingdong enterprise business years of service in the enterprise market high-value, extracting enterprise users in the management of purchasing goods and services, logistics services, financial services, financial services, infrastructure services, value-added services of common operation requirements, it is designed to be split, the plug-in can be assembled. Combined with jingdong enterprise business long-term accumulated professional experience in services, according to the national grid industry, management features, customization, agile operations plan deployment. At the same time, in view of the state grid operating range, remote part of branches, operating services is difficult, the characteristics of the material distribution difficult, jingdong enterprise business of enterprise supply chain, can fully meet the national grid on scene, the purchase quantity, delivery time, delivery, acceptance process requirements. State grid can enjoy many purchasing focus to conform to the enterprise operation habits such as or send a delivery options, in view of the large amount of shopping and to address the special requirements, such as jingdong enterprise business not only to start the car distribution, also with the advanced cargo handling equipment and understanding complex distribution member of the profession characteristic, guaranteed delivery efficiency, professionalism, and stability. Originally, jingdong providing its supply of a complete set of solutions, logistics is still their main business. Is not our competitor, is the object of the cable people need cooperation, hope in the future, jingdong iot scheme of a complete set of, can see oh ~ your cable brand
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