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Jinbei cable is the escort wuhan-guangzhou high-speed railway

by:AAA     2020-04-26
( Industry news] Jinbei cable is the escort wuhan-guangzhou high-speed railway JBDL P jinbei wires, people close to decorate good product home knows, water and electricity is the basic skill in house is convenient to live in or not in the future, and wire, is tasked with each family, each building for safety of important responsibilities. Golden cup 'wire to spread a line, pipe to use kind tube', almost become the consensus of hunan home decoration industry. 'Golden cup' brand wire and cable, being after years of market baptism, has become a household name, have affinity, extremely good brand reputation. Consecutive year, sales in hunan jinbei cable wire and cable industry leading position, and the state administration for industry and commerce recognized as 'China well-known trademark'. The safety of the cable, wuhan-guangzhou high iron lifeblood wuhan-guangzhou passenger dedicated line is located in hubei, hunan and guangdong, the design speed of km/h, this also is at present our country the construction of the world's first high-speed rail passenger dedicated line of kilometers per hour. It is completed, the train running time of the wuhan to guangzhou will be the original hours reduced to hours, changsha to guangzhou time will shorten to less than hours from hour. Boeing take off about kilometers per hour. The commissioning date of wuhan-guangzhou line, have two car ran out of the reconnection cases world top operational speed of high speed railway - — Kilometers per hour! So astonishing speed, which is necessarily associated with the highest requirements for safety. Foreign bodies without a frantic jumble orbit, 'zero settlement' system, automatic 'snow' devices such as advanced train control system, without exception, asked the cable connected to the equipment must be absolutely guarantee: quality, safe and reliable! Years, jinbei cable from the domestic numerous bidding enterprises stand out in the same type, successfully won the bid in hubei province seventh in the wuhan-guangzhou high-speed railway passenger dedicated line, ( Hengshan shaoguan) Through cable ( KV level) * km, the contract amount is ten thousand yuan. The successful bid cable railway track traffic, is jinbei cable after winning luo-zhan railroad, zhang railway, the railway after another masterpiece of fuzhou. Jinbei cable, for wuhan-guangzhou Gao Tiebao drive escort! Brand, is the result of innovation, management and culture 'science and technology is the first productivity', is the old 'jinbei cable' brand is the glow the new vitality of simple sense. In introducing a series of international advanced equipment, but also within the company from raw materials procurement, acceptance of the perfect quality control, improve the process quality control and so on serious, further to make quality management scientific, standardized, programmed and humanization. In the enterprise management level, employees' brand awareness enhancing, on the basis of constantly improve the enterprise brand benefit. Jinbei cable currently sold to 30 provinces and cities nationwide, exported to Europe and the United States, has been the capital airport, qinshan nuclear power plant application, main military network, faw group, second automobile group, Beijing Olympic project qin highway projects such as national key construction projects. The successful service Yu Wuguang high-speed, golden cup is to let a person feel proud and proud. We firmly believe that with the advent of high-speed, jinbei cable will provide society with more and more efficient in the future of the development of products, make its own contribution to the development of national economy.
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