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Jinan people's congress & quot; Much starker choices-and graver consequences-in & quot; Put forward proposals for wire and cable industry

by:AAA     2020-04-15
( Industry news] Jinan people's congress & quot; Much starker choices-and graver consequences-in & quot; Puts forward proposal w P to wire and cable industry in the National People's Congress, the first one jinan holy spring group co. , LTD. Tang Lin when accepting a reporter to reporters in an interview with put forward: 'the state, should be encouraged to drive and guide wire and cable state-owned enterprises to strengthen the innovation and improve the market share, in the field of high-end break the foreign monopoly price, wire and cable manufacturing capability, innovation ability and international competition ability. 'This is the most direct to the current China's wire and cable industry situation. In our country, wire and cable as transmission power, convey information and manufacturing equipment, the main product is the second largest industry after the auto industry. According to tang Lin, at present, the majority of Chinese wire and cable companies are still gathered in the low-end market, and lack of new products into the market channel, homogenized competition seriously affected the enterprise independent innovation motivation, caused the current situation of domestic wire and cable overall technical level is not high. In addition, the new product into the market channel impeded, cause the enterprise innovation ability, and underpowered, leave a lot of hidden trouble for people's life safety. According to the fire department statistics, each year for electric line fault caused by fire more than sixty percent of the total, cause serious casualties and property losses. Wire and cable aging and quality problems become the main fuse of fire accident. Especially in the nuclear power, high iron, high-end fields such as aircraft, new energy, a key long-term monopolized by foreign products, technology, the above areas and the core technology innovation and localization to be '. Without the support of national policy, it is difficult to immediately innovative products into the market. Tang Lin JingJiWang in China that, on the one hand, countries should increase with the national technology center and the key laboratory of wire and cable enterprise support. On the other hand, the government of key industries and areas, such as national grid, high-speed rail, subway and other industries of management, to give preference to the development level and the industry cooperation, preferable innovation products. How to help enterprises to open the new product into the market channel? Tang Lin thinks, the government should through the purchase way for the new product, solve the lowest bid, let the enterprise new product could not get rid of the plight of the dominant, so as to solve the problem of market access. Domestic wire and cable industry can again take off, you need to have all the cables are constantly insist, and government consolidation support vigorously, must can let China manufacturing cable constantly exported to the world. http / / www。 cqqldl。 com/http//www。 cqqldx。 com/
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