Is phone\'s AC charger OK for USB cable device?

by:AAA     2021-01-13
Q: I just purchased a Sony digital recorder that comes with a USB cable that connects to the computer to charge.I prefer to use the AC charger and I was wondering if I could use the charger that came with my phone.Could there be any problems?A: If the connector on the phone charger matches the input on the recorder, you can do business.If not, you can buy a USB wall charger and turn the USB cable into an AC charger.The cable is plugged into the wall charger and the charger is plugged into the wall.The charger on the wall is less than $20.By the way, your predicament is very common.Many portable devices do not have AC chargersOnly USB cable.This is a pain because you need to have a computer at hand to charge your device, and the charging process may be much longer than using an AC charger.Fortunately, most small portable devices now have a micro USB input that can be charged using any AC charger with a micro USB connector.For example: my Kindle doesn\'t have an AC charger with it, but the charger for my smartphone works fine.Q: I have a 3-Connect to the tb external hard drive on my laptop for timed backup.A few years ago, on another computer, I had a program called Ghost that backed up the image of my entire computer so that if my computer crashed, I wouldn\'t have to re-Install everything.Is the ghost still selling? do you think it is worth buying?Interestingly, you should mention it.Ghost, which Norton started selling 15 years ago, stopped production in April.Norton explained, \"over the years, key Norton Ghost features such as backup and recovery have been built into other Norton products, making Ghost redundant.Norton may also have realized that as people increasingly turn to the cloud for online applications and store documents, photos, music, and more, computer backups may soon become more rare than rocking horse dung.However, don\'t let the death of ghosts bother you.The backup feature in Windows can perform the same functionality as Ghost, creating a \"system image\" that allows you to restore the entire computer when a crash occurs.Hooray!Q: Why is the smartphone so expensive?A 32-If you buy without a wireless carrier service plan, the gigabyte iPhone 5S is $750.For this quantity or less, I can get a 55-Inch hd TV, mid rangeLaptop or 32-4g Gigabit iPad.This is not a question of technical support.More like spiritual support.But this is a good question.It is true that every new generation of smartphones has a lot of research and development, but this does not explain price fraud.The real culprit is the \"subsidy\" that operators use to attract buyers \".By charging $200 or less in advance, the operator gives you the impression that you will get your phone at a discount.But you end up paying the total cost of your phone in a monthly incremental wayyear contract.(T-Mobile recently canceled the subsidy and canceled the phone cost in the service plan, but the result was the same --You pay the down payment on the phone and then pay it in two years.When Will smartphone prices fall?When the market is completely saturated,Performance phones bring pressure on manufacturers to compete in price rather than in function.Or when the Chinese turnDesign the iPhone and start selling millions of cheap counterfeits.Q: I have been using the same Asus laptop for a few years and the cursor jumps suddenly when I type.I will write an email.Mail or Word document, suddenly, new letters appear in several lines of text.At first I thought it might be a keyboard, but it wasn\'t triggered by certain keys.Any thoughts?A: Since the cursor appears in multiple programs, it is almost certainly not software-related.I bet touchThe pad on the laptop is responsible.When you type, you may inadvertently brush your teeth with your hands.If you enter the mouse/touch-In the screen menu in the Windows Control Panel, you have the option to have the system disable Touch-When you type.Try that.If it doesn\'t work, try turning off the click option, which allows you to perform mouse clicks by clicking on touchpad.That\'s it.My ideas are fresh.David Einstein is a free writer.Is there a question about personal technology?E-mail: einstein.david@gmail.
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