Is epr insulated cable tested before shipment?
Pre-shipment review (PSI) is just one of many excellent control evaluations conducted by Guangdong Cable Factory Co., Ltd.. This review is based on regular QC testing or on client request. Based on these standards and processes, samples have been randomly chosen and flaws are assessed. For all of us, pre-shipment review is an important step in the quality management procedure and a means to confirm the grade of this insulated cable before dispatch.

AAA has achieved substantive development due to the strengthened abilities in best coaxial cable development, design, and manufacture. AAA focuses on providing a variety of aerial bunched cable for customers. AAA flexible control cable has gone through a series of assessment processes in terms of the construction structure which includes wind load test, snow load test, and pressure load test. Due to its flame resistance, it guarantees maximum safety when used. This product features proper air permeability, preventing heavy body perspiration and at the same time, giving the protection against winds. The product has a better atmosphere aging resistance property.

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