Iran's high voltage transmission line projects will be started before the end of July

by:AAA     2020-04-11
( Industry news] Iran will be in stores before the end of high voltage transmission line project built cabhr P according to Armenian energy and natural resources, high-voltage transmission lines connecting Armenia and Iran in article 3 of the project will be launched before the end of construction. Energy and natural resources minister said YervandZakharyan Armenia, the construction of the high voltage transmission line will implement electric power trade between the two countries in recent times. At present, the two countries' electricity trade for million kilowatt hour. To the years, as the article 3, the production of the high voltage transmission line this data will increase to 0. 1 billion. Falahatian also revealed deputy secretary of Iran's energy, Iran's goal is to become the center of regional energy exports, especially improve the power output of the surrounding countries and regions, including Turkey, turkmenistan, Armenia, azerbaijan, Pakistan, Afghanistan and Iraq. The power generating capacity is Iran. Gw, is the highest countries in the Middle East and north Africa capacity. It is reported, the connection between the two countries of article 3 of the total cost for high voltage transmission lines. Billion euros ( About the yuan. One hundred million yuan) , Iran promises to provide loans to support, is scheduled to be completed in production.
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