IPO roadshows online star cable yesterday

by:AAA     2020-04-26
( Industry news] Star cable yesterday IPO roadshows dghaotong P star cable online yesterday in the newspaper China securities network successfully held an initial public offering investors exchange online. From key members of management and a sponsor representative on matters concerning this issue, the company development strategy and the management situation made in-depth communication with investors. Star cable this offering amount shall not exceed the shares, among them, the quantity of no more than million shares online, namely the number of this offering. %。 Price range for this offering. Yuan between. Yuan/shares ( Contain upper and lower limits) 。 The day for online fund subscription and offline subscription payment deadline. Questions about the company development plan for investors, star cable guang-yuan li, chairman of the board of the said company will adhere to the special cable as the core, to high-end cable market demand is the management orientation, supported by technology innovation, focus on industry cutting-edge technology, continue to increase investment in r&d, technical commanding heights. At the same time to the share issue as an opportunity, and constantly enhance the competitive advantage, service and value by differentiation marketing strategy continue to consolidate and expand in the leading position in the field of special cable. The years, the company make become the largest and most powerful domestic special cable industry comprehensive solution services
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