Investigation about cable mechanic work

by:AAA     2020-04-25
( Industry news] Investigation about cable technician working y P see a information, the original reprinted below. Everyone to discuss. http / / www。 dxdl。 org/jssc/ShowArticle。 asp吗? ArticleID = before and after the Spring Festival this year, the south cable network launched around the correspondent did a survey about cable technician to. Survey, cable technology talents' abandoned south into the east flow will continues to heat up. Thus it can be seen that the Yangtze river delta and the pearl river delta the two leading China's economic development area, the status of migrant workers in the heart changes in the cable industry. The content of the survey is: if you have a choice, you are willing to work for a cable company in the pearl river delta, or to the Yangtze river delta region cable companies to work? Investigation object is still in the former unit consumption of the mainland and the Yangtze river delta and the pearl river delta region cable enterprise work of technical personnel, including technical workers. Area of investigation is to go out more and the use of migrant workers migrant workers more provinces, hunan, hubei, sichuan, henan, hebei, anhui, jiangsu, zhejiang, Shanghai and guangdong. Results show that, in a survey, there are. The % of respondents said they would go to Yangtze river delta, there is. % of people said they would go to the pearl river delta, there is. The % of people said no anywhere. The survey, although there are some limitations, but it has revealed the cable technical workers' hearts unto, Yangtze river delta and the pearl river delta in the status of migrant workers' cable technology has been and is undergoing fundamental changes. According to incomplete statistics, the cable technician in working ( Including technical workers) About people, including from the original state-owned enterprises overflow cable and related professional and technical personnel, in recent years, cable and other related professional graduates after the college graduates as well as new ways, ranging in age from age to age. If you had attended the national wire and cable industry conference or professional meeting, you will see that the identity of the participants, regardless of seniority, basically are migrant workers. Therefore, this mighty long cable technology workers team, both for the development of Chinese wire and cable industry and made a significant contribution, also create the huge economic interests for business owners. China's wire and cable industry forward every footprint, all these migrant workers with painstaking effort and sweat, and not just the enterprise boss one's ability to act. Lead to the results of the survey reason is various, mainly is the enterprise development idea, the idea of the industry, competition, culture idea and concept of employment this' concept of the five major differences. Especially the migrant workers employment concept, we pay close attention to the Yangtze river delta and the pearl river delta cable companies are obviously different. The pearl river delta in cable industry technology foundation is inherently shallow, is almost entirely rely on migrant workers. In the s of the last century, the early stages of the pearl river delta economic development, a large number of foreign migrant workers for the cable industry in the region of cable technology development has laid a solid foundation. Especially from hubei, hunan and henan cable technology workers, become the main technology in the pearl river delta cable industry. In that era, compared with the mainland, the pearl river delta migrant workers material treatment has great attraction. Yangtze river delta cable industry technology foundation is already very deep, many private cable enterprises, basically is established according to the normal mode, practice practice a business enterprise management of formal posture. With the increase of number of enterprises and the expansion of enterprise scale, technical personnel is out, so a lot of hiring foreign technical personnel. Yangtze river delta in the cable industry and technical personnel, in addition to the local flow in the area and their own culture, is also mainly comes from hubei, hunan and henan and other places, there are quite a few from the pearl river delta transfer. Migrant workers of material treatment as good as the pearl river delta Yangtze river delta, some even better than the pearl river delta is much higher, and there are all kinds of insurance and welfare treatment. Although migrant workers is the main respect of material treatment, but development of the enterprises' concept of five 'concept, the idea of the industry, competition and culture concept, influence on their mental state is very big. They reflect, in a body suffer involvement, the heart, don't have much money, insecurity works in business, really can't see the light, some events even chilling. According to one cable factory in shunde, guangdong, recently there is a very prestigious rubber cable engineer to the factory, the good development of rubber formula and make qualified cable products give him much money. But, after the completion of the project, the boss has said 'project is the staff of our factory together with you, can't give you so much'. The technical workers argue is invalid, and finally to head against the wall, with blood in protest. In the Yangtze river delta, haven't heard of this unscrupulous bosses and sad event. Entrepreneurs are saying 'people-oriented', and how, migrant workers in the mind. Yangtze river delta and the pearl river delta cable companies in all sorts of ideas on major differences, especially the major differences in attitudes towards technology workers, lead to cable technology talents' abandoned south into the east, this is already expected, and will be intensified.
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