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by:AAA     2020-09-15
Introduction to the power cable technology development trend to discuss about the technology development trend of power cable, super high pressure, large length, large cross-section, diversity and high reliability is development trend in today's power cable technology. New cable technology is apparent in the new cable varieties. Why use uhv transmission? In order to ensure safety, the voltage is low, we use in our country as the v ( Line voltage) And v ( Phase voltage) 。 Why is the voltage of transmission is higher and higher? This is because the lines conveying power * = voltage current, low voltage if the delivery and conveying the same power of electricity, transport of current is big. And on a line loss and is proportional to the square of the current and voltage of the transmission line loss is proportional to the current, that is to say, large current transmission loss is too big. In order to reduce loss, make the power can be transmitted over a long distance, must try to improve the transmission voltage. Power system in our country s Yu Shiji s kv power transmission system, and the planning and construction kv power transmission system, some countries take the lead in the planning and construction in the world more than millions of volts ac uhv power transmission project, the voltage grade are: ( ) 、( ) 、( ) 、( ) 、( ) Kv, etc. KV power transmission project (date) (month) (year), the northwest power grid with hole diameter wire and bus technology assessments to be held in Beijing. High voltage cable breakthrough k V in our country, it is understood that once put into production, early thousands of tons of market. , gas insulated pipe cable ( 吉尔,新加坡政府投资公司) GIL originally used in GIS short extension of power plants and substations. Because gas insulated pipeline transmission cable is suitable for high voltage large current, early Yu Shiji s in practical process, the United States, Canada, Germany, Japan, France and other are built the practical circuit. American Yu Shiji s has developed the meters GIL prototype, the Japanese in the years to build the world's longest GIL ( KV、. Km, secondary circuit) ; French EDF in km long GIL applicability. China's development of uhv transmission line has been completed technical demonstration, so as soon as possible to develop the GIL is the priority of electrical manufacturing sector in China. , plastic coating overhead high voltage cable British BICC cables and Balfour Kilpatrick companies jointly developed a novel plastic coating overhead high voltage cable. This new coating cable to overcome the many shortcomings of the early products, will be widely used in power distribution system in the UK. The new development of the high voltage cable, completely can be hung on the existing electric pole, without having to worry about the sag of the cable and vibration under wind action. It has a more rigid wire core, is far superior to earlier similar cable suspension features, that is to say, without any increase in cable weight, increased the strength of the cable. Currently, it has been tested by bad environment, confirmed that it can completely replace the general bare wire cable, the steel cable, aluminum kai aluminum cables, its working voltage is - KV, the price is higher than that of the existing coating cable about % ( About times of bare wire cable) 。 But because don't need to set up a new pole, the installation fee will be very cheap. , aluminum alloy wire, according to a report in the relevant information in the next several years, aluminum alloy wire at home and abroad market prospect is very broad, it is not only used for transmission lines and optical fiber composite overhead conductors ( OPGW) , there will be a large number of used for CATV broadband network connect users of cable. As is known to all, from the southwest provinces and three gorges to guangdong electric transmission line, is like the province of guizhou, hunan, yunnan alpine valleys and heavy ice zone, to build good performance in the zone of transmission line, conductor only USES the steel core aluminum stranded wire is obviously not enough, it is not reasonable, by experts repeatedly demonstrated, steel core aluminum stranded wire is a new type of line kind of the most important, will be used in the engineering. So many long to leave, ultra-high voltage transmission lines need to be built in a relatively short period of time, it's for a manufacturer of aluminum alloy wires in China provides a new and important development opportunities. Large cross-section ultra-high voltage power cables, large length this kinds power cable technology development includes the following: ( ) Submarine power cable, great length, with oil filled electric cables and cross-linked power cable, voltage grade for - KV, the cross section of - Mm, length to a few tens of kilometers to hundreds of kilometers; ( ) , large cross-section high voltage crosslinked cable, voltage grade for - KV main specifications - mm; ( ) , large cross-section ultra-high crosslinking power cable, voltage grade for - KV, main specifications - mm; ( ) 、— KV oil-filled cable, main specifications - mm; ( ) , high pressure, ultra-high voltage cable accessories, the main specifications of the KV, 1 mm;
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