Introduction to the application of plastic optical fiber

by:AAA     2020-04-21
( Industry news] Introduction to the application of plastic optical fiber chenyl P based on the research of the passing of principle of plastic optical fiber and the development of related materials, such as Europe, the company for the development of plastic optical fiber has made important progress. They developed into plastic optical fiber, optical loss rate has dropped to ~ the dB/Km. The wavelength of the work has been extended to nm ( Near-infrared light) Practical level, close to the quartz glass fiber. The United States developed a PFX series of plastic optical fiber, has good irradiation resistance. In addition, the United States developed by Massachusetts Boston fiber OptiGiga plastic optical fiber is more remarkable, it is not only lighter than glass, flexible better, cheaper, and can be in meters to transmit data at megabit per second. This kind of optical fiber can also use the refraction of light or light in the fiber leap way to achieve high transmission speed. Now, in the us and Europe have plastic optical fiber used in short-distance transport, such as automobiles, medical equipment, photocopiers, etc. In terms of the plastic optical fiber production, Japan is the world's largest producer of plastic optical fiber, but the European push the plastic optical fiber for the development of new application fields and optical fiber inspection standard is established. In the second half is the important stage of plastic optical fiber industrial development, in this period established the European plastic optical fiber inspection and measuring the new development policy. The world's first dedicated plastic optical fiber applications center ( POFAC) Completion in Nuremberg, Germany. German plastic optical fiber has been successfully developed MOST multimedia bus system ( 兆比特/秒) And several car manufacturers have put the system into their products. German BMW ( 辆) In its new series of products created using m record of plastic optical fiber. Plastic optical fiber reality application of the most widely used or lighting. Due to the unique advantages of fiber optic lighting, it has been widely used in various occasions, and in constant promotion. Will now briefly as follows: the current domestic application situation and occasion. In interior decoration, interior decoration to a contour line with side glowing optical fiber, light, the color of downy, give a person a kind of happy feeling; The rational use of light thin end, create a romantic and warm atmosphere in the home, in their own homes as bath bar. In the hotel lobby, install meteor fiber optic crystal droplight, through a variety of colors and the change of the bright spots, more magnificent chic, give a person the feeling that find everything new and fresh; In KTV rooms and performing arts hall, the use of the optical fiber, with art effect of the pattern, also can make use of the optical fiber condole top, can simulate the stars effect, gradually, make the person has infinite daydream space. 。 Waterscape waterscape left the illumination loses the charming view. And general lighting for visitors dangers hidden trouble, when we visit the waterscape, often can see 'do not paddle, be careful with electricity' and other words, there is no doubt that bring little regret our visit. Because fiber optic lighting photoelectric separation is achieved, with fiber optic lighting as the ornament of waterscape, novel not only colorful, and absolutely safe to *, it is the best match. Fiber optic lighting in addition to water, lighting, make the color more gorgeous and moving, lateral optical fiber can be used to constitute the contour line of the pool. Makes the water color appearance of vertical and horizontal contour in the pool, the line of form harmonious beauty. 。 Urban construction in lighting engineering, using side glowing optical fiber to form building contour line is the most common applications. Especially for a city's image building, with colorful lines the building outline appears more wei wei spectacular in the darkness. At the same time, the service life of the optical fiber is very long, belong to free maintenance products, greatly reduce the operating costs. In addition, you can change the light color fiber decorative lighting, the building outline of the colour with the seasons or climate change, to give people a sense of humanity. 。 Landscaping in landscaping, with side glowing optical fiber for pavilion courtyard lights, buried lights, make green space, road lighting at the same time also has a color change. 。 Road lighting on landscape road, mount those dots of side glowing optical fiber, and become the optical fiber tube, more have increased interest in the landscape, at the same time can be a meteor cable flat out on the ground, people walk in the above like floating in the light, to play the people of infinite daydream. 。 Cave lighting water-eroded cave is a kind of natural landscape, because it does not have sunshine illuminate, * all lights to show it. Fiber and changeable light and flexible, the lake shore rules dissolve stone and more show its place, make water-eroded cave scenery more attractive. But the most important thing is to clear the unsafe to tourists. 。 The ancient buildings and cultural relics in the light the general lighting, because of the action of ultraviolet light, make the cultural relics, timberwork building accelerated aging. At the same time is in danger of electricity can cause fire. With fiber optic lighting, safe and can achieve the ideal artistic effect. 。 Inflammable and explosive occasions in oil depot, such as mine fire is forbidden in dangerous situations. Various other illumination applications have fire hidden trouble. If not be careful will lead to serious trouble. From a security point of view, due to separate, light and electricity so fiber optic lighting should be one of the most ideal lighting. 。 The use of the sun in our solar energy utilization is common, is converted into heat or electricity, the sun's light onto the optical fiber can be directly use the sun's rays, used to improve the bedroom lighting, for the dark basement, tunnel, using fiber optic lighting, can make never see sunshine place can see light.
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