Introduction to low voltage cable

by:AAA     2020-04-16
( Industry news] Introduction to low voltage cable dianlan P with the development of low voltage electrical appliances market, common development in a large number of supporting industries, and low voltage cable as an important product of form a complete set of low-voltage electrical appliances, also received a lot of development opportunities. Low-voltage electrical appliances is a kind of can according to the signal and the requirements of the outside world, either manually or automatically connect and disconnect the circuit, in order to realize the circuit or non-electric object switching, control, protection, detection, transformation and adjustment of components or equipment. The development of low voltage apparatus, depends on the development of the national economy and the needs of the development of modern industrial automation, and new technologies, new processes and new materials research and application of domestic low-voltage electrical products are currently in high performance, high reliability, miniaturization, d/a, modular, combination and parts generalization in the direction of development. Back at the past, from the smart grid construction to the current new energy industry to flourish, and out of the power industry to the busy construction industry, low-voltage electrical appliances in China has come a history of over fifty years. And with the rapid development of economic construction in our country, low voltage apparatus by simple assembly to now also the fourth generation of intelligent low-voltage electrical appliances. Low-voltage electrical appliances industry in China, in fact, from simple assembly, manufacturing imitation to self-developed design, development to nearly one thousand series now, about two thousands of production enterprises, mainly in the coastal provinces such as guangdong, zhejiang and Shanghai, annual output value of about twenty billion yuan. But the domestic low-voltage electrical appliances production enterprises small in scale, quantity too much, more than ninety percent of the companies in the middle and low class product of repeat production. Product according to the output value calculation, the three generations of coexistence, the first generation product market share of fifteen percent, the second generation product market share of forty-five percent, the third generation product market share of forty percent. According to the national policy direction, in the future a period of time the structure of low-voltage electrical products need to be further adjustment. Backward technology, large volume, high energy consumption and pollution environment of the products will be eliminated. In fact, the growing demand for electricity in our country, to promote our country the acceleration of power network reconstruction. 'Twelfth five-year' period, China will optimize the structure of electric power, strengthening the construction of smart grid, power equipment market demand will increase rapidly. According to a certain depth of the market analysis report, the state grid itself eccn in the smart grid construction as well as intelligent total investment is one trillion five hundred billion yuan, or about three hundred billion yuan a year, it ensures the low voltage apparatus in the 'twelfth five-year' period of steady growth. And the rapid development of new energy for development of intelligent low-voltage electrical industry provides an opportunity to low-voltage electrical products to the photovoltaic inverter, new energy control and protection system, distributed energy, energy storage devices, dc switch electrical equipment in areas such as extension, and can provide the overall solution, this area is important new economic growth point of low voltage electrical appliances industry. With the continuous development of low-voltage electrical appliances production and technology, intelligent, modular, can communication as the main characteristics of a new generation of intelligent low-voltage electrical appliances will become the market mainstream products. In the high-end low-voltage electrical appliances market share will be further expanded. Years is expected to be the main period of the smart grid construction in our country, the smart grid is expected to total investment scale of nearly four trillion yuan. Smart grid has entered the important stage of the all-round construction of the urban and rural power distribution network of intelligent building will be fully opened, the smart grid and intelligent equipment, intelligent power distribution, control system will usher in a golden development. At the same time, will accelerate the development of low voltage electrical products upgrading and low voltage electrical appliances market segmentation. At present, the domestic wire and cable, low voltage electrical appliances brought into the system of compulsory certification. Compulsory certification of products in our country at present, there are kinds of categories, mandatory product involves categories, such as wire and cable, low voltage electrical appliances, motor vehicle; Related to industry field, with many electronic appliances, chemical technology, agricultural machinery, fire safety, etc. ; Involved in a wide scope of knowledge, such as electrical, mechanical, wireless technology and medical. In addition, the future of cables and low voltage electrical appliances will be under the impetus of the national policy and market environment, common development. First of all, as China's sustained and rapid economic growth, provides a huge market space for cable products. As China's power industry, data communications, urban rail transportation, auto industry and the expansion of the scale of shipbuilding and other industries, the demand for wire and cable will be rapid growth, the future wire DianLanYe and huge potential for development; Second, the 12th five-year plan outline of the grand development goals and the backdrop of the macro economic growth, investment in fixed assets, industrial production and the overall consumption, especially the rapid growth of urban population will certainly pull the power generation and power consumption growth. Therefore, low-voltage electrical appliances in the future market development will continue to enlarge. Wire and cable as a lot of industry supporting products, has been developing continuously, so cable companies should seize the opportunity in time, provide the market share and brand influence. 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