'Internet +', the new electric benefit energy instead of the Internet

by:AAA     2020-04-07
( Industry news] 'Internet +', new electric change benefit energy Internet globledata P 'Internet +', the new electric change gradually thorough, the listed companies are also beginning to have layout energy Internet, energy Internet market is expected to exceed one trillion yuan. New electric change plan gradually grid is expected to break the monopoly for a long time, and leveraged $one trillion large scale energy Internet market development. National energy Internet action plan, will also be established in China's energy alliance of the Internet. Energy alliance will set up the energy Internet alliance will set up the Internet and cover a large power generation group, power grid companies, private Internet companies and research institutes, new energy car companies and universities, and so on. It is reported, this is the first time officially energy at the top of the Internet design, intended to promote demand side response and clean energy efficient use. With 'Internet +' rising, the energy Internet related energy companies have begun to layout. Month, zhongheng electric released non-public stock plan, plans to raise no more than one hundred million yuan, for energy cloud networking platform, energy cloud networking academy construction projects and the added liquidity. In addition, sun power and ali cloud on (date) (month) (year) signed a 'strategic cooperation agreement', photovoltaic power station in wisdom, energy and the Internet, cloud computing, big data, develop extensive cooperation in the areas of information security, to jointly promote the development of cloud services field. In addition, Chen electric international, chint electric appliance, Jin Zhi technology such as energy companies are also in the Internet market. In addition, China's first zero-carbon energy Internet area in the paddock manchu, Mongolian autonomous county electric Yang international new energy technology services ( Beijing) Co. , LTD. And Beijing zhongyang international trade co. , LTD, hand in hand with new energy for the overall solution, Internet integration of energy-saving building materials, thermal, photovoltaic, biomass, wind, mass storage, the fuel resources, such as traffic tools used with independent intellectual property rights of new intelligent energy management system, the Internet and through new investment and financing business model, build a brand new area. This means that the first energy Internet practice area is formed. Energy of the Internet business opportunities in power distribution, market as the center and micro power grid network transmission, focus on looking for energy Internet platform and entry. Combined energy Internet industry chain and the Internet, can produce all kinds of business models, including energy trading and energy asset services, energy, value-added services, equipment and the solution of electronic commerce and so on. New electricity to leverage the Internet market in the near future, energy distribution electricity price reform pilot expansion circumference. In shenzhen, western Inner Mongolia first trial distribution electricity price reform will be carried out on the basis of the anhui, hubei, ningxia, yunnan province, Area) Listed in the first distribution electricity price reform pilot area, based on the principles of 'cost plus reasonable profits allowed' separate verification distribution of electricity price, and encourage qualified to carry out the pilot reform elsewhere. One analyst told reporters that distribution electricity price reform is the premise condition subsequent release of power sales market. The distribution of electricity price reform testing, all is the big pilot pilot direct purchase of electricity users more fully region, this round of pilot scale than expected, these areas will be the future power market construction and reform of electricity sales priority areas. According to the scheme of new electric change mentioned in the 'let go two head to hold the middle' is to improve the power generation side, sell electricity party and utilization party the degree of marketization, make the competition more fully, and is also the biggest power to change. The industry believes that the future sell electricity company business model will be close to the power users diversified energy services, and have the opportunity to turn into energy field of the Internet. Energy of the Internet along with the revolution of electric propulsion is expected to continue fermentation. Need to mention is that new energy power generation has the characteristics of randomness and intermittent, therefore has not been grid lines, abandon the high wind discard rate, electric energy change and the Internet is expected to fundamentally solve the difficulty of new energy grid-connected. In addition, the new electric energy instead of the Internet opened the space, in the field of distribution network automation has the congenital advantage of enterprise, as a main body to different users, including distributed energy, industry and commerce, residents provide solution of energy conservation, to integrate power data and provide the service companies will take the lead in benefit. New electric change plan gradually grid is expected to break the monopoly for a long time, and leverages trillions of energy Internet market development.
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