International cable giant superconducting cable project is steadily

by:AAA     2020-04-05
( Industry news] International cable giant superconducting cable project is steadily carry out useful P international cable giant superconducting cable project is steadily promote release time:. 。 News sources: viewed from the cable industry: a global perspective, has a superconducting cable technology in the large wire and cable companies are South Korea LS cable, the Japanese ancient river electrician, sumitomo electric industries, such as France nexon five companies. Superconducting cable technology research and development for a long time, the main stay in KV level, but in recent years, the ancient river electrician KV superconducting cable experiment successfully make the superconducting cable project of research and development have a new breakthrough. So, a few eminence in superconducting cable companies, in superconducting project research and development and can bring us what kind of inspiration? South Korea LS cable KV dc superconducting cable project introduction (date) (month) (year), South Korea LS cable start KVMW level dc superconducting cable transmission system experimental project. End of the month, in the center of jeju superconducting superconducting cable laying, complete month trial run, commissioning time for half a year. LS cable in the production of superconducting cable copper thick % than normal, but the transmission capacity is The Times. In addition, the superconducting cable production of ceramic to replace copper cable superconductor, the pipe with liquid nitrogen flow above sheath material. The superconducting cable internal degrees below zero ultra-low temperature to keep running and running of the cable not only simplifies the process of substation, but also can improve the transmission efficiency. LS cable production KV dc superconducting cable guhe electrical KV superconducting cable project introduction (date) (month) (year), the Japanese ancient river electrician in China ancient river in shenyang cable co. , LTD. , for the world's highest KV voltage level of the superconducting cable charging current test. Superconducting cable which Bisukyasu company in Japan, the original factory production, meters long, with yttrium superconducting wires, mm diameter, for transmission losses. W/m, can transfer all KVA electricity. The same month, the ancient river in shenyang cable co. , LTD. , for type testing to ensure the safety of the cable and cable accessories. At present, has been successful for KV voltage and the power of KA, to insure the safe operation of the year. Ancient river electrician is according to the data analysis of various data required for mass production, strive for the early realization of the superconducting cable to the commercialization of the product. Guhe electrical research and development of superconducting cable KV and long-term sumitomo electric KV electricity experiment scene HTS power cable project introduction (date) (month) (year), sumitomo electric start KV HTS power cable empirical experiments, superconducting cables meters long, which through the pipe laying meters, transmission losses for W/m, can transfer all KVA power transmission capacity, reduce/transmission losses, is mainly used on the Tokyo electric power company xu substation. Sumitomo electric KV superconducting cable and the type of test equipment is not hard to see through the above project, superconducting cable project is steadily in recent years. Increased voltage grade, the superconducting cable transmission losses decreasing, transmission power increase gradually. As strengthening the construction of infrastructure in Asia, global demand of high voltage power transmission cable, predicts global HTS cable market will reach $, vast development space in the future. But at the same time, the production cost of superconducting cable is very high, long-distance transmission difficult, it is hard to mass production, this will be a cable enterprise is the important subject to be solved. Attendance is mechanical
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