Insulated electric tracing band air conditioning freezing wall solution

by:AAA     2020-04-17
( Industry news] Insulated electric tracing band solve the problem of air conditioning freezing wall knifeqiao P under the environment of dry and cold in the north, mostly solve air conditioning freezing wall with thermal insulation electric tracing band is a good choice ~ field in the south, surrounded by many users on the air conditioning heat preservation cotton, to achieve the effect of heat preservation. In cold northern regions, however, because the temperature is low, there are at low temperature may be to minus degrees, don't use heat preservation cotton insulation effect. So we need to pick a suitable insulation method, tracing band is designed for pipeline anti-freezing and planning. Due to air conditioning a drain region, the general is the family, hotel, building, office address, due to general type ( There is no risk) Area, select the general basic tracing band. At temperatures above, because the water temperature in degrees above do not freeze, inductive pick cryogenic insulation type general automatic control temperature tracing band. Since the limit temperature in low temperature electric tracing band graph: the limit temperature of electric tracing band manufacturer with tropical sample figure operation principle: automatic control temperature insulation with tropical device after electricity, with tropical fever heat tracing pipeline medium, compensate the heat loss of pipes, keep the air conditioning water pipe temperature degrees above do not freeze. Automatic temperature insulation tracing tropical due to parallel type electric tracing band, with tropical use PTC resistance data, each part are available when working with tropical because it is heat tracing place to take the initiative to regulate the temperature of the changes, with tropical device can be stacked around laying, when not present temperature of overheating and burning. If you need accurate temperature control, you can set heat preservation with tropical special temperature control system. In practice, the general air conditioning drain pipe diameter is not beyond the mm, choose insulation with tropical straight shop device can, device at the requirements for pressure sensitive adhesive tape ( Fixed with tropical) , aluminum foil tape ( Laid in with tropical appearance, increase the heating area) 。 Use strength: tropical insulation system, heating temperature, heating uniformity; , installation is convenient, facilitate around may straight shop equipment, has been used in the pipe heat preservation and antifreeze. , high thermal effect, a fast; , can according to different occasions heating demand, supply a higher request of products, such as industrial chemical pipeline heat preservation, picking with tropical explosion-proof perhaps antiseptic function. Convenient, temperature control, since the limit temperature insulation with tropical have the function of self regulate. , air-conditioning pipes freeze to do heat preservation with tropical help you out in edited] [knifeqiao
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