Instrument cable selection method

by:AAA     2020-04-16
( Industry news] Instrument cable selection method dianlan P instrument cable is widely used in various fields, so when choosing instrument cable, what method? Principle, when the building is under construction or have been completed but has not yet been put into operation, should determine the selection of the integrated wiring system, should determine the interference of environment around the building field intensity and frequency range; And the distance between the other interference sources can conform to the specification requirements shall be in parts, integrated wiring system should also be predicted what category. According to these conditions, with the requirements specified in the specifications of the indicators to measure and select the appropriate hardware and take corresponding measures. Principle 2, when conditions permit, or conditional measurement of rehabilitation of integrated wiring system, the noise of the signal levels can be used in the norms of measured noise signal level limit, select the appropriate hardware and take corresponding measures. Principle of the anti-interference ability of the three, all kinds of cables and wiring equipment, refer to the following value: UTP cable ( No shield) DBFRP cable ( Is applied to longitudinally wrap aluminum foil) DBSFTP cable ( Is applied to longitudinally wrap aluminum foil, copper woven mesh) DBSTP cable ( Each pair of wire and cable winding and the aluminum foil, copper woven mesh) DB worse after wiring device into dB principle 4 or less, when choosing cables and connection hardware, determine the type of a, should guarantee the consistency. Choose class, for example, the cable and the connection hardware should be class, choose shielding, the hardware is shielded cables and connection, and should be good grounding system. Above is instrument cable selection method, for everybody reference. More information on cable quotation, cable purchase, cable, etc. , can login China cable industry network HTTP / / WWW. 电缆。 com
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