Instrument cable laying specification

by:AAA     2020-04-16
( Industry news] Instrument cable laying specification dianlan P instrument cables for most people is not familiar with, but the frequency he appear in our life also is very frequent, let's look at the instrument cable laying specification. Cable selection specification: ( ) On the basis of design drawing according to the specification, type, type of cable. ( ) Confirm cable type according to the logo on the cable, and according to the order select cable laying cable and numbered. ( ) Cable specification selection must be consistent with the design drawing. Lines installed instrumentation wire and cable laying stipulated as follows:. Instrument cable laying temperature when the environment temperature should not be less than the following: (1) plastic cable ℃; (2) ℃ rubber insulated cable. 。 Cable laying should be reasonable arrangement, unfavorable cross; Avoid laying cable and cable and other hard objects between the friction between; Fixed, elastic should be appropriate. 。 Plastic insulated control cables, rubber insulation core bending radius, should not be less than the diameter of The Times. Power cable bending radius should be consistent with existing national standards 'electrical equipment installation engineering cable line construction and acceptance standard' GB - The relevant provisions. 。 Instrument cable and power cable when crossing, should be a right Angle; When parallel installation, it should comply with the regulations of design documents, the distance between each other. 。 Within the cable trough, the ac power lines and instrument signal lines, metal clapboard separates application installation. 。 Cable, along the stent should be bound and fixed, prevent cable is loose. 。 Ming installation of instrument signal lines and has a strong magnetic field and strong electrostatic field clear distance between electrical equipment, appropriate is greater than. m; When using shielded cable or wear metal protection tube and the metal cable, slot cover should be greater than. m。 。 Cable, in tunnel or channel should be equipped on the bracket and cable slot. 。 After the cable laying, should be done on both ends of the cable head. 。 Production of cable head, insulating tape should be dry, clean, no wrinkle, no gaps between the layer; Drew shielding grounding line, should not damage the insulation; In wet or have the position of the oil pollution, moistureproof, prevent oil measures. 。 Comprehensive control system and digital communication line cable laying should conform to the requirements of the design documents and technical documents. 。 The attached special cable, the equipment should be according to the product technical documents instructions for installation. 。 Compensation conductor should be wear protection tube or in the cable, the tank should not be buried directly. 。 When compensating conductor between the measuring instrument and did not use a switch or cold end temperature compensator, compensation conductor should be direct connection and instrument. 。 The compensating conductor or terminal connection between wrong polarity is not allowed. 。 Instrument signal lines, instrument power supply circuit, safety interlock circuit, compensation conductor and intrinsically safe circuit and other special instrument circuit, should adopt their own protection tube, respectively. Wire and cable laying process is important, but also absolutely can't ignore the acceptance after completion of laying. More information on cable quotation, cable purchase, cable, etc. , can login China cable industry network HTTP / / WWW. 电缆。 com
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