Inner Mongolia coal preparation plant fire line electric heating antifreeze protection case

by:AAA     2020-04-17
( Industry news] Inner Mongolia coal preparation plant fire line electric heating antifreeze protection case knifeqiao case before language: P coal preparation plant high temperature electric heating system with the scale enlargement of coal preparation plant, coal by the original factory car loading transport goods, to now via long stack to off-site railway sinotrans, add the length of the fire line of coal preparation plant, the already chaotic show in a relatively open space of the pipeline system. Situation: Inner Mongolia coal preparation plant goods warehouse to warehouse a long conveyor, is laid in parallel with the fire line at the mercy of a treaty of rice. Area of coal preparation plant of winter temperature is lower, fire line easy to present the status of the frozen wall, serious word will burst, to deal with pipeline insulation questions, choose fire line high temperature electric heating antifreeze maintenance system. The basic parameters:, fire pipeline medium temperature at ℃; , planning voltage V; , diameter DN. , pipe insulation layer thickness mm; , thermal insulation materials for foam; , pipes, a total length of meters; , local environment lowest temperature ℃; Fire line electric tracing band selection: based on the parameters to calculate the heat loss, finally choose recommend low temperature protective electric thermal insulation products, the highest working temperature of electric tracing band, the highest temperature degree, maintain the fire fighting pipeline medium temperature. Diameter DN, claiming the adopted method of winding device in device, so heat increasingly focused. Fire line electric heating structure: structure:, line core. , conductive plastic layer: flame retardant PTC; , insulation, flame retardant polyolefin; And shielding layer; , PVC protective outer sheath: metal shielding layer + PVC outer sheath: supply mechanical protection, prevent mechanical damage. Fire line electric heat tracing function characteristic fire line electric heat tracing using the self-regulation is a major advantage of temperature control function, it can be on the set value, the constant temperature when the temperature is lower than the set value ℃, the heating will take the initiative to open. Once when the temperature reaches the set value ℃ below, heating will voluntarily closed. Inner Mongolia coal preparation plant fire line electric heating antifreeze protection case, low temperature protective electric thermal insulation of the outer part of the goods is in type explosion-proof electric tracing band to add a layer of PVC maintenance. It is suitable for humid area of pipeline insulation heat tracing, and demand on electrical grounding of the danger zone. Fire pipeline in the outdoor, wet environment, kind protective fire line electric thermal insulation products more suitable outdoor pipe insulation. Conclusion: from the tunnel fire electric heating pipe to underground garage fire electric heating, my company is now planning for many users the fire electric heating pipe heat preservation plan, and get the customer's mutual recognition. Business group, contact the electric heat tracing system of actual combat experience for many years, gradually set up to supply customers with chemical industry, building, heating cable power pipe, tank heating plans such as acquisition research, planning, manufacturing, and heating engineering planning, the electric heat tracing for one-piece construction equipment, after-sales service, so service team of professionals.
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