Indoor multicore cable product certification such as adoption of new standards

by:AAA     2020-04-21
( Industry news] Indoor multicore cable product certification such as adopting the new standard day Hao P, learns from the ministry of information industry center of attestation of telecommunications research institute at anfield, according to the ministry of information industry in heat shrinkable casing, indoor multicore cable, optical fiber with indoor optical fiber cable, SC fiber optic connectors, colloidal battery, dc dc power supply module, power distribution cabinets, non-contact induction ac voltage stabilizer and other kinds of products to implement the new standard requirement, tal certification center changes and released a new certification rules of these kinds of products. And the director of the center for yuan, said the new certification rules approved by the national certification and accreditation committee, in accordance with the relevant requirements, finished before month this year new standard changes to the certification requirements. Due to incomplete change certificates, will be in accordance with the requirements of product certification regulations of the state to suspend or revoke the certification qualification. Yuan and the said, at present, our country pay more and more attention to industry standards, because the process of making the standard will be directly related to the development of the industry. Yuan and think, in the face of international competition, in the process of standard will affect the industry's international competitiveness and the vital interests of the enterprise, is also the important factors influencing the industry technology innovation directly, so the enthusiasm of the enterprise to participate in the standard formulation is increasing. Standard in the field of telecommunications, ever is mainly supported by the government and the scientific research institutions, and operators and manufacturers are now paying more attention to the formulation of standards, they put forward the process of standard making a lot of practical, constructive opinion and the suggestion, make the standard more able to standardize and guide the development of the industry. Among them, the operators in the process of bidding, to comply with national and industry standards as a important premise, for the effective implementation of the standard plays an important role.
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