India's cable market & # 45; - - - - - - - - - - - - India to catch up with China?

by:AAA     2020-04-22
( Industry news] India's cable market & #; & #; India to catch up with China? Ckluo P this article reprinted from 【 The south cable network] The international cable manufacturers association ( ICF) Years issued about India cable market research report, from the perspective of the development of national economy, analyzes the present situation and forecast India cable market. Although India is cause for concern for nearly 10 years China's economy grew at the fastest speed, but also with the fastest speed and cable market expansion, caused investors a strong focus on, but India's economy in recent three years is also growing rapidly. Despite India's economic growth as China's fast, but much higher than in most other countries. India will not be another China? China and India have many of the population, the per capita net income of the two countries economic level are low, largely on agriculture dominated. Many critics pointed out after comparing India and China, India's economy in the future are likely to get the high speed, like China continue to grow. In this paper the present situation of India and China on the basis of the comparison, through the comparison we can see the development of India's potential. India, India's economy behind China s average annual economic growth rate is about %, % is lower than the average growth rate of China. In the past years, i. e. before the start of the 'Chinese miracle', India and China's economic gap between the average growth rate of, in fact, even bigger than the s. Although India's average growth sometimes is bigger also, but sometimes also very fragile, so average growth rate of India's total economic still lags behind. Figure. India and China's economic growth is the economy starts years rapid development since years, India's economy has a strong development. Year, GDP growth. %。 Years more than the value, but is still lower than China's economic growth rate. Nearly three years, the annual real GDP annual growth rate of %. Years, India's GDP to. Trillions of dollars, while China is. Trillions of dollars. Exchange rate stability, falling inflation over the years, the Indian rupee rate than the erd of most currencies in the world, rising prices is more serious, basically growth % every year. For example, in the rupee value. Cents, by years down to the value. Cents. Since years, rupees rebound slightly, and an increase in the exchange rate for dollars, ﹕。 Cents) 。 In recent years, inflation has been below the s, years down to %. Rapid growth of investment in fixed assets fixed asset investment growth rate is also high, India from year growth % every year or so. But with China's growth rate of investment in fixed assets ( Each year about %) Compared to, India's growth rate is not too high. From industrial production growth rate of comparison difference is bigger. China's industrial production growth rate about a year for % %, and India. China's industrial production as a sharp increase, India to imagine must speed up the construction of industrial development. Strong growth forecast predicts that, India's economy have hope to continue to grow. In the next few years, real GDP growth is likely to increase % every year. Also, can predict India's industrial output and investment in fixed assets will be rapid growth. However, while China's fixed asset investment growth will slow down from now on, but India's GDP growth level is still lower than the level of prediction in China ( China is about % per year) 。 If India can successfully attract more foreign investment, so there will be a bigger growth of investment in fixed assets. Most of these investments to build new factories and infrastructure, so cable market will be bright, investors is by faith. Fast population growth in China, India's population is hundred million, with China's hundred million. As a result of the Chinese government's family planning policy, the pace of China's population increase has slowed, the annual average annual population growth rate only. %, compared with India's population growth rate for a year on average. %。 India is a serious consequence of rapid increase of population, the growth of GDP is absorbed by the population increase year by year, and per capita GDP did not increase. According to the current trend, in the future years, India may have more than the population of China.
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