India forever China: cable industry one hundred rare opportunities

by:AAA     2020-04-10
( Industry news] Ten years have idle moment. India forever China, uhv has been around for ages in our country, after the research, design and fabrication of equipment, engineering implementation, the demonstration project put into operation and a series of process. Nowadays, communication experiment demonstration project and dc test demonstration project put into operation in years and years. This two project put into operation marked the our country of the uhv technology, including equipment manufacturing, construction, commissioning, operation has a comprehensive grasp, then start the application and extension project. At present, has been put into operation, report, not a few projects under uhv ac uhv construction into the large-scale stage. At the same time, on the India forever China's view, matt and high pressure is the most important reason is two words: needs. Economic and social development's need for energy, power grid development to the need of a strong network frame, the need of large-scale long-distance transmission, etc. 'Our country will amount to billions of kw of installed capacity to years, to reach million kilowatts, with the increasing of population, this trend will continue to develop. Power demand is the existence of uhv objective need, resources and environment restriction are the reasons for uhv development needs. 'Forever China said, as long as the power industry is still in constant development, it needs to cable products, it is for wire and cable industry are not to be missed opportunity. India forever China, said the 'global energy Internet' proposed by state grid and national 'area', 'the investment bank' somewhat similar, are in order to 'go out'. Although the process is difficult, won't happen overnight, but not 'go out', many industry overcapacity problems are difficult to be solved. At present, whether developed countries or developing countries, infrastructure construction there is a huge demand gap. Including the main developed countries, there is a huge infrastructure construction of historical debt, such as transportation, electric power, water conservancy, upgrades and new, urgent need for the wire and cable industry in China is difficult to meet the one thousand opportunities and provides the domestic cable industry bigger and stronger raw power. At present, China's wire and cable industry are faced with the best in the history of the development opportunities and strong domestic demand market, international market, China's wire and cable companies should comply to, early preparation, target, continuous innovation, based on power and national strategy, the wire and cable with infrastructure projects 'output' to Asia and the world. Annual global wire and cable for days, with 'completely-new molded future' as the theme, with 'condensed wisdom and boost industry development' for the purpose, special industry leaders, experts, general labor, entrepreneurs, a total of more than people gathered, to jointly promote the development of the cable industry together.
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