In cable trench application and characteristics of stents

by:AAA     2020-04-24
( Industry news] In cable trench support application and characteristics of sanewcable P cable tunnel and in cable trench city power supply is the main channel, and for a long time, erection of cable are all made of Angle iron cable bracket. Angle brackets are often Angle profile by welding or fasteners connecting assembly. Traditional Angle bracket large energy consumption, process more of the production process, the cycle is long, and product quality cannot be guaranteed. In many bad environment conditions, such as subway, tunnel, chemical industry, such as wet or damp coastal salt fog occasions, use the Angle bracket is easily corroded, the high cost of facilities maintenance, and short service life. In terms of rust corrosion, is still used outside painted or hot galvanizing technology such as processing, but still can not fundamentally solve the problem of corrosion, the serious influence power, communications facilities safe and trouble-free life. Glass fiber reinforced plastic cable bracket product characteristics, high strength, light weight, only the steel/weight, transportation is convenient, simple construction. , product surface is smooth, small friction coefficient, no damage to the cables. Vortex, the overall product insulation, can prevent the lead. , good resistance to water, can be used in damp or water for a long time. , heat-resistant, hardy. Fireproof performance, it can in ℃ ℃. , corrosion resistance, no rust, long service life, maintenance free. And the scaffold material no recycle value, can prevent theft. , glass fiber reinforced plastic cable insulation performance is good, itself without grounding, can reduce the workload, and steel stents to ground, big workload. http / / www。 sanewcable。 com
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