In 2015 the first uhv line approved

by:AAA     2020-04-05
( Industry news] Article, first the uhv line approved heibaocjp P has learnt from the state grid, the National Development and Reform Commission issued documents agreed construction stake tianjin south thousand volts high-voltage ac power transmission and transformation project. This article first uhv line is approved. State grid chairman, party secretary of him had said earlier this year, uhv project has entered a new stage of large-scale construction and speed up the development of, its approved this year it plans to start construction 'six in eight straight' total route, far above last year's 'six in four straight' plan. Stake in tianjin south kilovolt high voltage engineering, will the new stake, Shanxi Province, Beijing, tianjin south kv transformer substations, the new substation capacity kva, new stake of Shanxi Province northwest of tianjin south double kv transmission line project, line x km, static investment project. One hundred million yuan. According to introducing, stake tianjin south thousand volts high-voltage ac power transmission and transformation project is state grid planning and construction of the 'three horizontal three longitudinal' an important part of the uhv backbone network frame. Month day, state grid corporation of video meeting, along the first land use formalities in engineering and construction preparation work for the special deployment. Stake construction of the tianjin south stake in the promotion, development of Shanxi Province energy base, speed up the Inner Mongolia, shanxi energy advantages into economic advantages, meet the demand of beijing-tianjin-hebei region land use load growth, to carry out the national action plan for the control of air pollution, it is of great significance. Shanxi, stake in ordos are China's 'twelfth five-year' plan for sure one of the five comprehensive energy base. Stake's proven coal reserves of about one hundred million tons, the biggest can support new coal plants. Million kilowatts. But the lack of large capacity and long distance transmission channel, is always a stake power transmission bottleneck. Shanxi 'twelfth five-year' is expected to add kilowatts is low calorific value of coal, mainly concentrated in jinzhong area, Shanxi Province, and the key in building outside channel, realize large-scale resource comprehensive utilization of coal. In addition to the stake - Tianjin south, in the first quarter also plans to approve construction slippery cross - Weifang communication and jiuquan - Hunan dc and other projects; In the second quarter plan approved 'three straight' engineering construction for XiMeng - In jiangsu province and Shanxi Province - Jiangsu, Shanghai temple - Shandong. In the second half of the approved also plans to start 'four hand in four straight' project. In addition, the state grid is planned to be completed before the end of the 'one in four straight' uhv project feasibility research work. 'So far, the state grid company has built three/four straight' uhv project, 'two exchange have been' project under construction, 'a' project approved, in uhv line length more than under construction. Thousands of kilometers, substation ( Converter) Capacity of more than. Hundred kva. In addition, the state grid article this year plans to launch the international connectivity uhv dc project prophase work, positive response to the national strategy of 'area'. In the national grid of the actual investment completed and years of planning and investment exceed market expectations, point lies in the uhv than expected. In uhv ratio of actual construction is expected to significantly higher than in previous years, and is in the first half of the uhv project construction, the building of the largest number of time. According to the usual approval to start construction process cycle, stake - Tianjin south line is expected to equipment tendering in months. Uhv projects for power equipment enterprises will undoubtedly bring a lot of orders. In uhv investment, equipment investment accounted for %, among them, the transformer about % of equipment investment, GIS accounted for %, transformer accounted for %.
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