In 2014 advanced cable quotation summary

by:AAA     2020-04-05
( Industry news] In advanced cable offer factory summary knifeqiao P anhui ocean instrument cable manufacturer: in advanced cable quotation summary. ( This article will take the global cable quotation brand ABB's production status, for example. ) Company А В В famous cable offer cable conductive products manufacturers and developers, as well as the leader of the energy and automation technology, pointed out that in the second quarter percentage increase of cable quotation order for %, to. Received orders /; Low performance results negative affect EBIDTA division system 'energy'; Low energy systems 'manager' to make important decisions to correct; Low scale growth dollars; Low diversification reduce project plan completed smoothly. Abb's sustainable growth, according to the order stable income index increased significantly and the monetary fund business results in the second quarter. Add more orders in the % ( Or the basis of equivalent %) Compared to the year for $, bulk order quantity increase more than %. It should be noted that all are dynamics over the same area. According to ш п и с с х о ф е р ulrich said in October abb executive director of natural growth needs to improve the existing market, to strengthen the innovation and win new markets. Today, the company's executive director, said the results of the abbe decided to focus on abbe fruit, let support of momentum ( In the first quarter orders showed the biggest inspiration to market the company in the United States and China) 。 Stable growth is leading to order quantity proportion coefficient, according to cable quotation order receipt and execution. 。 Abb highest indicators show that equivalent of returns, $, despite his briefcase backlog slight. Negative impact on operating performance department EBIDTA results 'system' won the energy project main engineering, construction, and delivery (often EPC) The system of solar and wind power. Company management took drastic measures, aimed at reducing project risk unit and optimization of energy systems 'order quantity. In addition, the company decided to pull out of the component/system scope of supply, the solar abb deliver new business model/assembly system in the field of wind power. Ш п и с с х о ф е р pointed out that high probability to obtain positive results 'as a' large recent growth in turnover unit energy system is a priority and risk have the result. According to the operating profit purposes EBIDTA stability of other units, in addition to the unit in addition to the discrete automation and motion have a negative impact, through the acquisition of Power One. Monetary fund business more than %, $$. The success of abb company action plan to quit cable quotation business item October abb has low efficiency and effective work, and accept orders index of the optimization goal. Ш п и с с х о ф е р Mr Comments u u u u u anhui ocean instrument cable co. , LTD. Has advanced technology equipment and first-class team, specializing in the production of high-voltage cables, rubber sets of cables, cable quotation, liquid level meter cable instrument for decades, such as cosco group in anhui enthusiasm look forward to your call! Above is cosco group arrangement for everybody about 'year offers advanced cable manufacturer summary' related content, to master the most professional comprehensive cable offer related information. This paper addresses: HTTP / / WWW. ahyuanyang。 com/news/hyxw/。 HTML reprint please do not delete, thank you!
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