In 2012, innovation and risk of wire and cable industry seminar was held in xinxiang of henan province

by:AAA     2020-04-26
( Industry news] Years, wire and cable industry innovation and risk seminar was held in henan xinxiang dghaotong P in early spring in March, and chill the central plains of China. By the Shanghai wire and cable industry association ( Chamber of commerce) , wire and cable industry association of henan province and Shanghai wintek cable group co. , LTD. , henan wintek cable co. , LTD. , co-host, wire and cable industry innovation and risk conference was held on February 2nd in henan xinxiang xinxiang hotel. At the appointed time, the hotel in front of the arch, balloons, banners waving, from wire and cable industry, Shanghai, henan and other places chairman, general manager of the enterprise, and general association leadership, a total of more than industry experts and relevant personnel to attend the seminar. Shanghai electric wire electric cable profession association vice-chairman concurrently secretary general Yuan Gen conduct seminars. Shanghai wintek group chairman assistant hu wei on behalf of the chairman Zhang Shengfei opening. Seminar, first by the enterprise on behalf of the speech, Shanghai panda Fan Zhendong cable co. , LTD. , general manager, Shanghai soco cable group co. , LTD. President zhi-bin Lin to do their business 'adhere to the concept of innovation, enhance brand value, the firm faith development' experience is introduced. Then experts to lecture, wire and cable industry association of henan province, vice President of He Mingzhi Gao Qingguo, director of Shanghai electric cable research institute, the original made a keynote speech, science and technology development center, deputy director of the continuous, XingHai EMTC manager liu yong, vice general, xiu-song zhang, director of the wire and cable industry in China are discussed respectively from different angles of the development of the current situation and existing risk, and technology research and development direction, scientific research achievements transformation, control and cable testing technology innovation enterprise pay attention to innovation, will surely promote the development of transformation, the participants have benefited a lot from. BBS in the meeting, the delegates intently listening, after the meeting to interact and business negotiation, there is quite a BBS atmosphere. Delegates also drove to henan xinxiang wintek cable new industrial park site to visit, investigate, wintek group, forge ahead, firm the confidence in Shanghai development, successfully for asset restructuring, as well as wintek cable co. , LTD. , henan great enterprise development. At the same time support for this forum will sincerely grateful. , innovation and risk of wire and cable industry forum a success. Dongguan HaoTong wire and cable co. , LTD
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