Improving the quality of the cable, it is necessary to strictly control cable material quality

by:AAA     2020-04-12
( Industry news] Improving the quality of the cable, it is necessary to strictly control cable material quality ZHDLDJ P' The cable network news 】 Cable market in recent years there have been a disorderly want to, shoddy, cable price confusion. The author thinks that to fundamentally solve this problem, first of all, need to start from the raw materials. For manufacturing enterprise, the first is to strengthen the quality control of production of cable materials. Raw material is the basis of the products, if you want to control the quality of the product, must grab from the source of production, copper, aluminum conductor and the cable conductor material quality directly determines the various properties of wire and cable products. Advise businesses when buying these materials for testing the performance of some of their important, such as the dc resistance of copper conductor, cable materials, such as mechanical properties and dielectric strength, to ensure that the purchased raw materials quality pass; Raw materials into the factory, the factory raw material quality inspection department in batches of raw material quality inspection, put an end to the single pursuit of low-cost and ignore the quality of raw materials. Second, the production enterprises to strengthen quality management and technology learning. In order to improving the quality of wire and cable products, enterprises should first carry out related work of quality management and technical training, learning related to manufacturing, testing standard, consider all factors, set up a set of complete quality control system, for the problems found in wire and cable manufacturing should have corresponding settlement mechanism. Make perfect quality documents, complete process CARDS, and ensure the process card is not mixed and disorderly error resulting from the use of products, and to ensure that employees in strict accordance with the quality documents for production, strengthen staff awareness of quality control. Again, the production enterprises to strengthen the quality inspection control work. Enterprises should pay attention to routine test, sampling test and factory test, specify and perfect inspection procedures, rules, in order for inspection of raw materials, semi-finished products and finished products, especially attaches great importance to the routine test and % of the factory test coverage, and timely and effectively to unqualified for reworking/repairing sample processing. Strive to achieve early detection unqualified project, timely analysis, adjustment process and improve the management and unqualified products factory. For raw and auxiliary materials enterprises should strengthen cooperation with cable companies, strengthen the quality of key technology, cutting-edge technology and basic technology research, through technical innovation to speed up the adjustment of industrial structure, improve the quality of the product and industry. Conscientiously resist illegal, irregularities, and promote the construction of wire and cable products quality supervision system, to deliver more positive energy for wire and cable industry.
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