Improve grid fortification standards against the snow and ice wire or on the agenda

by:AAA     2020-04-20
( Industry news] Improve grid fortification standards against the snow and ice wire or agenda ckluo P in order to improve the power grid to heavy against snow disaster ability, improve the level of emergency disaster relief, the state grid company will improve grid design construction standard: 110 ~ 330 kv power grid fortification standards from 15 years once to once every 30 years, 500 kv power grid fortification standards from 30 years to once every 50 years, in a 750 kv power grid fortification standards for 50 years, is the construction of the uhv project fortification standards in 100 once considered. From the perspective of the plan of state grid corporation, this year, the research and development for electrical equipment of anti freezing, in addition to the new technology, new material of ice ice, prevent or reduce the electrical equipment. The snow and ice wire developed may be on the agenda. State grid company pointed out, the ice disaster brings us at least three implications: one is to attach great importance to the power grid construction and development. Electric power development in our country for a long time light for whatever ' 'retransmission, power grid development lags behind, rack, ability to withstand natural disasters is not strong, weak to the whole society attaches great importance to the environment, increase investment in power grid, improve power grid construction, speed up the power grid construction; second, it is necessary to further study of the power grid voltage level construction construction standards, innovation concept, further improve the grid resistance against natural disasters, guarantee the safe and stable operation of main under the condition of serious natural disasters and the continuous power supply to important users, safeguard social stability and people's basic life to need; 3 it is ice disaster highlights the transmission line corridors resources increasingly tense contradiction. The state grid company, to scientific and technological innovation to improve the ability to resist ice and snow of the grid. State grid corporation has established the anti-icing and mitigation researches leading group, the unified leadership of the company anti-icing and mitigation science research work, make the key techniques of anti-icing and mitigation plan for the power grid, the grid from the ice disaster prevention, early warning surveillance, ice ice disaster emergency disposal to disaster recovery construction four aspects, the research presents eight categories, a total of more than 40 anti-icing and mitigation projects of science and technology, strive to make substantive breakthrough in one year, out of the power grid to respond effectively to the snow ice disaster harm systematic measures. State grid corporation qi-ping zhang, director of the Ministry of Science and Technology is introduced, through the implementation of the key techniques of grid anti-icing and mitigation plan, will be in eight breakthroughs, disaster prevention and reduction for power grid and the scientific development to provide strong technical support. These eight aspects including: one is to study and put forward differentiation of power grid planning and construction standards, further improve strategic transmission channel and the voltage level to the important backbone lines and user power transmission facilities to resist the ability of the ice disaster; the second is the research and development power grid emergency communication system and emergency command technology support system, further improve the ability of emergency care and command; three is the research on the rules of meteorological disaster and development mechanism of ice, power transmission and transformation equipment ice ice disaster weather warning and transmission line monitoring system, further enhance the comprehensive governance capacity of ice; 4 it is to research and development the large capacity, high efficiency, automation of electric melting device and a flexible and practical mechanical de-icing device, further improve the efficiency of power transmission and transformation equipment in addition to the ice; 5 it is to study and put forward the extreme meteorological disasters, power grid and equipment damage to a minimum, to restore the fastest technical measures, reduce the social and economic losses caused by the natural disasters to a minimum; sixth, research and development to prevent freezing, electrical equipment in addition to the new technology, new material of ice, prevent or reduce electrical equipment ice; seven alpine &schwarz, multiple areas of rural distribution network is to carry out the ice disaster reduction in common technical problems and measures for the research, provide the technical support for rural power distribution lines ice disasters; eight is to strengthen the test capability of responding to natural disasters, for further research on electrical equipment to resist natural disasters feature provides perfect research methods.
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